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Top Mac Uninstall Applications

If you are used to uninstall Mac apps by just dragging them to Trash, then you be aware that you may risk your Mac’s health. The reason is that some of the new Mac apps come not as a single package but rather as compound elements, with additional components such as plug-ins and preference panes. If you drag such apps directly to Trash you’ll remove only the core elements and not the additional components. As a result, those components would still remain in the system and waste your disk space. That’s why it is strongly recommended to use Mac uninstall software for complete removal of apps and their parts.

However, you need to be careful when choosing the uninstaller. Check out the top 4 uninstallers for Mac OS X:

  • Mackeeper – this app is considered as 911 for your Mac. It will guarantee the safe and effective removal of all kinds of Mac apps as well as widgets, preference panes and plugins. Furthermore, it has a lot of other useful features in addition to uninstalling, such as cleanup, backup, data recovery and more!
  • AppZapper – this easy-to-use uninstaller tool completely removes Mac applications, widgets, plugins and their additional components. And if you delete an app by mistake, AppZapper can recover it.
  • AppDelete – fast and quick, this uninstaller app for Mac OS X thoroughly removes applications and their related components as well as “orphaned” components.
  • AppCleaner – excellent uninstaller that removes not only apps but also their plugins and other components. Its SmartDelete feature enables the user to find and remove related objects.

These are the four most outstanding uninstall apps for Mac OS X. It’s up to you to choose which one fits your needs best. However, please download this app from a trusted website and make sure it has a fully functional trial period!

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