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Uninstall Apps – Do Something That Mac Store Does Not

Uninstall Apps – Do Something That Mac Store Does Not

You have just now installed various apps that you got from the App store, but you now realize that you did not actually need yet another Twitter app. So how do you uninstall it? OS X does not have an option to uninstall programs like Windows. But uninstalling apps is really simple.

You just have to go you [Username]/ Applications. Here you can find the app that you wish to uninstall and simply drag it into the trash icon present on dock. For keyboard shortcuts, you can use Command+Delete. And because Mac apps come in groups, you can delete the bundle and the app will get deleted.

But there is a catch. There are many apps that leave external files, like preference files etc, that are scattered around your computer and they are not removed when you delete the app. Of course you can find them manually and delete them, but it would take too much time, and you might not find each file. So there are a number of third party apps to help you here.

AppZapper is a simple app to uninstall other apps. You just have to open the AppZapper and it will scan your hard disk to find the files that relate to the application you wish to delete. It will give you a list of files and from there, you can easily uncheck the ones that you want to retain. All the checked files will be sent to Trash, and you can get them back if you want to.

And then there are other uninstaller apps as well. The MacKeeper offers an uninstaller along with many features like tracker update, undelete, faster cleanup etc. It is actually a big bundle of utility apps. Another one is AppDelete which removes the apps in a single step and it is very easy to use. You can choose any one, and you can have a cleaner Mac without any unwanted files.

Did you ever have problems with uninstalling your apps? Which app did you use? Do let us know about newer apps by sending your comments.

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