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Uninstall An App Completely with Revo Uninstaller

When an application is uninstalled from the Windows, there are some files that are left behind as traces of the program. These left over files can be specifically pointed out as registry values and the information stored in AppData directory which tends to lead the system into a compatibility and performance issue area. Those who are greatly involved in the activity of manually deleting of an application, the Revo Uninstaller can be a good solution for the problem.

Overview of Revo Uninstaller

Left over files of a deleted application can turn out to be of great problem over time as it may directly affect the performance areas. The application of Revo has simplified this procedure by compiling list of registry values, folders and files which were not removed from the system at the time of uninstalling the application. The interface of the system is very easy too, simply select the data you wish to remove and the software will get rid of those annoying files which were not remembered during the uninstallation procedure.

How to get started

As soon as the application is launched, a list of programs will be populated that are installed within the system. It will also provide several options for deleting those programs. One of the most common ways is to select the icon of the application which is to be removed and carry on with the procedure.  However, the least common, but, more entertaining, is to select the icon tagged as ‘Hunter Mode”. With the activation of this mode, the user can make a cross hair on the icon of the application located on the taskbar, start menu and desktop. The Hunter Mode will then hunts for the location of the file and continue with the uninstallation process.

The Revo Uninstaller program, offers four methods for removing of an application.

  • The built-in method: This is a very simple method and simply runs the applications uninstaller.


  • The safe method: In addition to the running of the uninstaller of the application, the safe method will perform a registry scan for locating and removing those values which are no longer required on the system. Any files which are left behind during the uninstallation process will also be identified and removed accordingly.


  • The moderate method: It is more or less similar to the safe method- rather it will perform a more extensive system scan which generates more accurate results.


  • The advanced method: This too is similar to the moderate method, but, provides a more detailed scanning process. This process takes a bit longer than other methods but, provides the user with the best results.

User interface and performance

The overall performance of the application is dependent on the mode under which the uninstallation process takes place. Although, the task is performed well, but, the usage of CPU and RAM is quite large. Moreover, the Revo Uninstaller offers some basic options- the user can change the language settings of the application, excluding of specific directories and file formats is permissible as well as the system restoring option. Concluding, it can be said, that despite of the time it takes to perform the job, the standard it offers is worth recommending which does a far better job than other similar applications.

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