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Uncommon Cases for iPhone 5

Accessorizing your iPhone is the norm nowadays  Everyone is doing it so the objective now is to standout and be unique. Case manufactures have many different case series providing different degrees of protection, designs, and colors. Uncommon has some series case options that provide great case options from ready-made designs, featured designers, or even custom prints.

Uncommon offers eight different case series that include the following: Capsule, Black Bezel Deflector, Deflector, Clearly UN Deflector, Permafrost UN Deflector, Gallery, Gallery Plate, and UN Colors. Today I have for you the Black Bezel Deflector & Clearly UN Deflector which we will be taking a closer look and the designs they offer.

Uncommon offers a custom service that allows users to upload their own photos that they can crop for the perfect case. You are able to choose from any case design that you like best which is great. Uncommon as a gallery of awesome designs to choose from that include Brands, Collections, Featured Designers, and specific cases for white or black iPhones.  They have a great selection of cases that I am sure there is at least one case for everyone.

The design of these cases is simple allowing for an easy application by snapping on your iPhone 5. Due by the design the top and bottom are susceptible to damage since it is open. They do provide a decent amount of protection. It adds an insignificant amount of thickness but enough that adds a small barrier to the front of the iPhone. It helps protect the screen from possible damage when laid screen first on a smooth surface. The cutouts for your physical buttons (volume rocker & power button) are spot on allowing for easy access and zero obstructions. I had no issues with using the charging port & headphone jack

Black Bezel Deflector Case:

The black bezel deflector case is an ultra slim case that has a shiny black bezel around the front frame. The ring around the camera has an anti-glare finish that ensures your photography in never limited. This case series come in many different designs that consist brands from Paul Frank & FREE CITY and Collections containing animals, stripes, and quotes. This case is from designer Hiroshi Fujiwara called Fragment BW Checkers that is simple and elegant.


Clearly UN Deflector Case:

Uncommon’s Clearly UN Deflector is a case series that is very similar to the deflector case however this case utilizes “3DClearPrint” technology. Like the other cases it is also a one piece hard shell case that is easy to snap on. The 3DClearPrint gives the case a fancy 3D look that is different and unique.

Uncommon offers this case in only two ready-made designs and custom. The ready-made designs are separated in two categories “For White iPhones” & “For Black iPhones”. The cases are said to optimize the color of the iPhone and to show off the Apple logo.


I find it awesome that a company offers a case series with a catalog full of designs. Uncommon offers the Black Bezel Deflector one piece slim fit case for $34.95 and the Clearly UN Deflector for $39.95. They have a lot to offer so I suggest to take the time to look at their catalog as it is highly likely you will find something you will like.


SourcesClearly UN Deflector Case
Black Bezel Deflector Case

Review Overview



Accessibility to Controls









Protection isn’t great but the design options clearly make up for it. There are so many case options to choose from plus there is a full catalog of ready made prints to choose from. Being able to customize your own case is a nice option to have. I find the price to be steep but that is probably due to artist support which I am all for. Uncommon is a great option for those that are looking for a unique case that will stand out.
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