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Twitterrific 5 Release Date Confirmed As Dec 6th

Twitterrific 5 Release Date Confirmed As 12 6th

The next major version of the popular twitter application, Twitterrific, is set to go live on the App Store on December 6th and it looks very exciting.

For those that don’t know, Twitterrific is a friendly Twitter client that is incredibly beautiful to look at and very fun to use as well as being full of great features for those more advanced twitter users on iPhone and iPad and now on Mac!

The features of Twitterrific include the ability to view mentions, messages and favorites quickly and easily. You can view twitter trends, searches and lists easily and quickly as well as In-app picture viewing for supported services such as Instagram, Plixi and more.

The new version of the app is expected to greatly improve the user features and the whole design of the user interface which is currently in the 4.4.9 version below.

Twitterrific is one of the only twitter applications to be designed to run on retina display Macbooks and the piece of the application falls in at $4.99, however one thing that we have noticed is “currently” (I say this as the updated version may feature all of these) several missing features including the ability to mute users, hash-tags and applications.

The App features the ability to upload photos and videos, Cloud App support, URL shortening, Theme control including light and dark themes and it can also translate tweets to your native language!

The “Major Changes” that Icon-factory are making to version 5 of the application are still highly secret and its possible that we will no know whats in-store until release day on the 6th December.

We wait with baited breath and should have a full review of Twitterrific coming on December 6th

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