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Tweaking Your Mac: Free Apps Instead Of Spotlight Utility

Tweaking Your Mac: Free Apps Instead Of Spotlight UtilityEven the most perfect human creations have some small omission issues. And I regret to admit that the Mac operating system can not be named as the exception from this simple truth. I do truly believe that Mac is the most out-and-out as well as complete OS ever produced, nevertheless few its features simply drive me mad.One of such issues is Spotlight desktop utility: its interface is poor, out-of-date and inconvenient; and also program efficiency is lower than it is expected from Mac products. If you are not fond of Spotlight as well as I am, you certainly should look for some alternatives. After googling this issue just for about few minutes, I have found that three the most popular substitutes of Spotlight are  NotLight, EasyFind and Find Any File tools. I think that there is a need to discuss each of them closer and in more details:NotLightIt’s the program created by great Mac lover and Spotlight hater to substitute the noisy tool. NotLight is not recommended by the experts and experienced users due to the fact that the utility is too similar to the Spotlight having just a few renovations. Nevertheless it is slightly better, so you can try it just to have few days without original Mac searching tool.EasyFindIt’s certainly one of the most popular and effective substitute of Spotlight according to the user’s opinion.  The tool will impress you by handy and bright interface. But before you will decide to download and install this utility, you should pay your attention to its weak points: the program do not perform search using such parameters as size of the files and their types. So you need to think twice and decide if you are ok with this disadvantage.Find Any FileThe last in my least but not in this list. One of the utilities’ advantages is that it is so simple that you even do not have to spend your time to install it on your Mac computer or laptop. Nevertheless Find Any File tool propose various options of search execution. For example you can look for the data files pointing their location, file extension, date of entry creation and modification, size of the file, the username of computer user that has created the document as well as some other alternatives. So as you can see, the program can find any file that is currently on your computer even if you have just few its search parameters.So do you like any of these apps or is Spotlight still the most suitable for you? Or maybe you know any more Spotlight substitutes? Let us know in the comments below.

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