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TV Guide Mobile for iOS Review

If you watch a lot of TV, follow a specific show or just want to keep track of what movies are going to be on, chances are you look at a TV guide one way or another. Maybe you buy an official one, maybe you just check listings in the newspaper or the internet, or maybe you just chance it and explore your TV’s built-in guide to see what’s on. But the best way for a TV fanatic to keep track of what is on is to keep a way of checking close wherever they go, so what better way to do that than by downloading an app for that very purpose?

TV Guide is available for free from the App Store and is compatible with any mobile device using iOS 5 or later. As its name suggests it is a very simple app, whose primary function is to keep you updated with that’s on so you can plan your viewing schedule, wherever you are. TV Guide has done its job reliably since it first went into print in 1953 and this app shows they it has no problems keeping up with the times. Everything the magazine offers is present and correct here, with added interactive tweaks to take advantage of the technology and make your planning easier.

Like the magazine that spawned it, TV listings are presented in an easy to read grid format, listed by channel. Scrolling is easily done with a swipe of the touchscreen, making it much quicker to navigate than the TV screen version. Tap a TV show and a description will pop up, along with a number of other options, such as setting a reminder for it or add it to your Watchlist of favourites. If you feel the need to, you can also check in with it so others can see you intend to watch it. Not the most useful feature but I suppose it makes discussions easier the next day when you know someone saw the same show as you. A more helpful feature is the ability to read any relevant articles on the TV Guide website directly through the app.

TV Guide allows you to set up your favourite channels, which makes glancing at listings a much quicker task as you won’t have to wade through the hundreds of channels you have access to in order to find the few that you like. Another good way to sort it is by choosing the New Tonight tab, which will only display new shows so you can avoid any reruns. You can also check online to see where certain shows will be streaming if you prefer to view them that way.

TV Guide is not the most exciting app but the name probably gives that fact away. But it is useful and helps you plan your viewing more easily. It doesn’t really offer much more than that but to be honest, you don’t need anything else.

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