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TV Catchup Comes to iPad

TV Catchup Comes to iPad

One of the most popular posts on TotalApps focused on the release of TV Catchup for iPhone and it was only going to be a matter of time before we say an updated service for the new Apple iPad. Today sees the launch of the iPad.TVCatchup (beta) service. The same great system but designed for the larger screen.

Unlike the initial release of the iPhone service users must be logged in to access the TV streams. Accounts are free and the process for signing up takes literally seconds. Once logged in you will be met with a full compliment of TV channels.

Channels that only broadcast between certain hours of the day appear greyed out with an “Offline” tag. Click on a channel icon to load the video player and then play to start the stream.

As there is no 3G service where I am I attempted to view the stream of GPRS. It worked but it was painful. Moving to wifi video playback was instant and really very easy to watch.

Switching between channels is almost as quick as my Sky HD box with steams taking only a few seconds to start playing.

TV Catchup isn’t really a viable alternative to EyeTV, the viewing quality is generally fine but fast movements can appear pixelated.

It is important to remember this is a free service and for a free service it is particularly brilliant. Simply login in, select and channel and you are viewing a very watchable version of the UK TV channel.

I don’t think there is much they need to improve to remove the beta logo ! Brilliant, with over 50 channels accessible for free if you have own an iPad this has to be on your favourites.

TV Catchup for iPhone

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