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Tuffwrap : Tuff to Beat

Tuffwrap : Tuff to Beat

I have also been a keen believer in protecting your most valuable assets. Cricket boxes, baby car seats cycle helmets and of course the invaluable iPhone case. I have been protecting my mobile assets since my PocketPC days, I have had leather cases, silicon cases, and even cases made of solid metal causing me to walk slumped to one side due to the additional weight.

I have always viewed the iPhone of slightly different, it seems a shame to mar something of such technological beauty with a case. A believe I held up to the second I dropped my iPhone 3G scratching the screen.


Welcome the XtremeMac Tuffshield case and screen protector. Firstly to the screen protector, given the only thing I could see each time I looked at my phone was the scratch screen protection is now a big priority.

My memories of screen protectors were bubbles, bad surfaces, and sticky residue. Having asked about screen protection on Twitter I was talked into it.

It seemed only fitting to apply the screen protector to my wife’s phone first, chivalry rather than protecting my phone if something goes wrong! The XtremeMac Tuffshield was actually very easy to apply to the surface of the phone (cleaned first). Application is a two stage process.

The first action sticks the shield down and smooth out the bubbles. I was nervous looking at the phone it was detracting from the screen until I loved to stage 2 which involved peeling the top layer from the protector.

The result was a basically invisible anti scratch surface. Impressed I applied a Tuffshield to my own iPhone 3GS. The case is equally as impressive. It fits well, is very easy to get on and off the phone and unlike a hard case it isn’t going to leave any scratching.

At under ?12 for both the excellent screen protector and Tuffwrap case this is the perfect protection system for what is after all an expensive asset worthy of protection. (The Tuffwrap fits both the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS).

Please note there has been some discussion on wether to use screen protectors on the 3GS phone (see here). I have kept the protector on the 3G but I have removed it from the 3GS until confirmation they won’t damage the Oleophobic coating. Please research any protector before you apply it to your phone.

TuffWrap Kit

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