Keep Track of Renamed Folders in Finder

When you create a new folder in Finder’s List View, it would be automatically named Untitled Folder and placed in the list in alphabetical order. But when you rename the folder and click […]

Be informed, don’t let Trojans reign supreme!

In this era of technology it is critical on the kind of anti-virus software you use to run your machine. Technology has literally turn the world around and some of the computer threats […]

Copying Music from iPod

Everyone knows that to copy music from iPod, one needs iTunes to be installed. But what if something happens to your iTunes library and you won’t be able to sync your iPod with […]

Share iCal with your Family

If you have a lot of work-related tasks and want your family to be aware of them, you can share your calendar with them using either the MobileMe Internet service or a private […]

Keep your Computer Secrets Safe with MacKeeper

Everybody has secrets, or so they say. It is of no difference in the computer world. Who does not have important files in their computers that are not for public consumption? If you […]

How to Get Rid of Spam!!!

Spam is the worst frustrating thing that badly gets on the nerves of the Mac user. It can get so awful for the users at times that they face serious troubles in the […]

MacKeeper on the Move

Have you ever experienced using your mac one beautiful day and suddenly it’s getting slow…slower…and FREEZE?! Or have you asked yourself “why my mac is slow?” If your my mac is running slow, […]

Opus Domini – Apples Digital Leather Planner

In the busy routine of our daily lives, planners have a very important place so that nothing can be missed out what is deemed as important. The new application of the Mac operating […]

Implement Word Count in TextEdit

Unfortunately, Mac OS’s TextEdit hasn’t got a word count feature. However, you can add this functionality using AppleScript Editor, found under Applications, Utilities.1. Copy and paste the following code into AppleScript Editor:tell application […]

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