Use Dropbox to Share Files

Dropbox is a freeware user-friendly app that enables you to share files quickly and efficiently. With this app you can access your files from another computer even without Internet connection– provided this computer […]

How to Clean Your System for a Faster Unit

All people want with their computers is to have it working fast, without hitches. It is disturbing, and albeit irritating, to work with a Mac computer that has download problems. A computer with […]

Import Outlook Contacts to Mac Mail

Instead of populating the Address book in Mac Mail anew, you can transfer the contacts from MS Outlook right into Mac Mail. Follow these steps:1. In MS Outlook, click File, Import and Export.2. […]

Recovering Lost Contacts

Don’t we all love the way we can sync up our contacts details across our ‘iDevices': iPhone, iPpad or iPod using the MobileMe option?While this works spectacularly well on most days, things may […]

Install and Configure FileZilla on Mac OS

FileZilla is a popular free FTP desktop client compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 and later versions. To install and configure it on your Mac, do the following. 1) Download FileZilla to your […]

Protect your External Hard Drive

If you use your external hard drive to store some confidential data, you may want to protect it from prying eyes of other people. One of the ways to protect your files is […]

How to Deploy Shortcuts and Utilities for Quick Tasks

MAC’s operating system provides numerous approaches to save time by deploying certain shortcuts and utilities to make working on MAC easier. The MAC operating system might look intimidating at first glance, but there […]

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