Rebuild my Mail Database in Mac Mail

Your e-mail messages are stored as mailbox database files in the Mail folder of your Mac’s Library. Over time their amount grows, and this may affect your Mac’s efficiency. To prevent this from […]

Get Rid of HTML in Mac Mail Messages

If you don’t need any graphical effects in your emails and give preference to plain text, you can do one of the following:1. To remove only remote images, in the Mac Mail Preferences […]

How To Use Notification Centre in Mountain Lion

Notification Centre has been an integrated feature on Apple’s mobile devices for a year now since its release for iOS 5 in October 2011 and has helped users worldwide keep on top of […]

Finding Fresh widgets for iWeb

We all love how easy life gets with iWeb through its inbuilt widgets that let us spice up our websites. Right from adding stylish navigation to using the powerful HTML snippet for bringing […]

How to Securely Erase Your Mac’s Hard Drive

Unlike many Windows machines, Apple computers hold their resale value for several years after being purchased. This makes them a valuable commodity for computer users who are thinking about upgrading to a new […]

Use Folder Action to Rename your Files

Some file names are automatically changed when arriving at your Mac. A good example is an email attachment – some mail clients add an .html extension to all attachment names, making the recipient […]

Add a Printer to a Network

Network printer settings can be lost when upgrading to a newer version of Mac OS. The following steps will show you how to add a new printer to your network.1. Obtain your printer’s […]

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