How to Right Click on a Macbook

You might not carry your Mighty Mouse everywhere you go. Therefore learning how to right click using the keyboard can help you a lot of time. Mentioned below are the steps:• Find the […]

Change Time Zones in iPhoto with a Script

When you move to another time zone (for example, when travelling) and forget to change the time zone on your camera, you may end up with incorrect date and time on your photos, […]

Creating a Safari “Home Page Button” on iPad

Unfortunately, there’s no home page button in Safari on iPad. The most convenient way to get it is to create a link in the Bookmarks Bar:1. Make the Bookmarks Bar visible by touching […]

Import or Export Bookmarks from and to Safari

If you use several browsers, you may want to share your bookmarks between them. Fortunately, Mac OS actively supports the drag-and-drop feature; therefore the bookmarks can be just dragged from Safari to another […]

How To Generate Custom Brushes in Photoshop

There is no dearth of brushes in Photoshop however there are times when you want to make a custom brush that delivers you the style your art work requires. For such scenario, you […]

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