Moving from iPhoto to Lightroom

One of the nicest non photo-related aspects of Lightroom is its ability to library files without moving them to a new location. If you have an iPhone or especially an AppleTV then you […]

Setting up EyeTV Remote Access

This week we looked at the brilliant EyeTV App for iPhone and iPod Touch. The mobile application allows you to watch live and recorded TV over your local area network and with a […]

Converting DVD for AppleTV

So you have invested your hard earned cash in an AppleTV, you have added all your home video, music, photos and podcasts and you want to add some of your full films to […]

5 tips for better DSLR Video on a Mac

High Definition video has now made its way from the high end cameras to many domestic digital SLR cameras. Having recently upgrade my loyal Canon 450D to the new 500D to gain the […]

How To : Smart Mailboxes

If you are involved with any sort of Web 2.0 and social networking activities you will be no doubt swamped by emails.

How To: iTunes DJ

One of the most interesting updates to iTunes 8.1 is the addition of the iTunes DJ playlist. Currently my iTunes library contains over 4000 songs. Instead of culling the songs I don’t listen too […]

How to Burn a CD

For some this may appear to be a task you never expected to see a tutorial for, yet I know for some getting your head around a new operating system can take a […]

Removing Ad breaks in EyeTV

So you have an AppleTV and you record television to your Mac via the great Elgato EyeTV software. One of the minor annoyances I find with the Apple TV is trying to rewind or […]

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