How To : Tweetie

A few months ago we found the holy grail of Twitter Apps in the form of Tweetie for  Mac. We counted down the hours on release day for this application and we weren’t […]

Using Amazon MP3 Store with iTunes

Growing up I bought I always bought my music from three specific places, two local music chains and Woolworths. I’m going to sound old but neither local chains nor Woolworths (Photo link) actually […]

Create a simple RSS Widget with Dashcode

There are now literally hundreds of great Dashboard widgets around from the ability to watch Apple Trailers right through to complicated currency converters and games. Why not make your first step to becoming […]

Syncing Things for Mac via Dropbox

I have been a massive fan of the Getting Things Done (GTD) philosophy for a couple of years now. Like most people I am generally working on about a dozen projects at once […]

WifiPhoto for iPhone

If you have ever had to transfer a photo or screenshot from your phone to a computer that isn’t your own you will already be aware of the pains of having to email […]

Create your own Icon

Many of you will know that it is possible to change the default icon but did you know creating your own has never been easier ? Well thanks to John Godfrey we […]

5 Tips for Animation Success

Joel Simon is one of Ireland’s most successful and award winning animators. Joel started the Flickerpix studio a number of years ago winning an IFTA award for the brilliant ‘Horn OK Please’ and […]

3 Fun iPhone Apps for Photographers

There is no questioning how easy it is to snap photos using the iPhone, in fact it is so easy the iPhone camera has become the second most popular camera used in photo […]

Mac to Xbox360 Streaming with Rivet

A marriage of Apple and Microsoft products isn’t really what you would expect to see in a home media system but Rivet (at only $18) offers just that. Rivet sits on the your […]