Turbo.264 HD Video Tutorial

We love how the Elgato Turbo.264 HD works with our  Panasonic HDC-SD100 (Review Link) we produced a video how-to. This video tutorial will show you how easy it is to quickly import and convert […]

Radium : Bringing Radio to your Mac

Twenty years ago the word ‘wireless’ meant something completely different to what it does now. Rather than meaning wireless internet the traditional term wireless was the means of listening to radio stations.

Easy Watermarking in Lightroom

Love them or hate them digital watermarks are commonplace on photos shared over the internet. From large copyright symbols that nearly obscure the entire image to more subtle corner marking can can sadly […]

SwankoLab for iPhone Review

Following our review of the brilliant Hispstamatic app for iPhone (read the review here) we have decided to take our nostalgic photo processing one step further with SwankoLab. SwankoLab is a traditional darkroom […]

Review : Morph Age Pro

I have always been mesmerised by video clips that take one object or person and transforms them into a completely different shape. Morphing as it is called is made exceptionally easy with Creaceed’s […]

Elgato Video Capture Review

Elgato have pretty covered most of our video needs with TV encoders (and EyeTV) for our TV capturing and editing needs. The Turbo.264 HD allows us to encode footage directly from AVCHD camcorders […]

Creating iPad Background Images

Your new iPad has arrived and you want to use your own desktop image. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create a desktop background that works in both […]

Embedding YouTube video in Keynote in 3 Easy Steps

Recently I have attended three separate events where the speaker referenced video from YouTube. On all of the occasions the video definitely added value to the presentation but sadly the speakers had to […]

Times Ed Interview on Flip Video

Last year I wrote a piece on the use of the Flip Video in Education. Since then the number of Flip Videos in school has quadrupled with the biggest disappointment coming when people […]

5 Steps to Moodle Success

By the very fact you are reading this article you have probably already embraced Web 2.0 and the idea of embarking on running a Virtual Learning Environment isn’t going to scare too much. Virtual […]