Background Windows Tricks

How to manipulate background windows without Activating Them While one may not be able to work with background windows as thoroughly as the ones at the front, the fact is background windows are […]

Share a single keyboard and mouse between multiple Macs

Have you ever thought about using a single keyboard and mouse between multiple Macs?How about using your keyboard and mouse,connected to your Mac,to control an additional PC,running Windows or Linux?Now it is possible,with […]

Extract Sounds from Movies with Audio Hijack Pro

Let’s take a movie downloaded from YouTube as an example. To extract audio from it and add it to iTunes, you’ll need the following tools:– VLC Media Player (freeware)– Audio Hijack Pro (free […]

Remember Birthdays with a Birthday Calendar

Keep forgetting about birthdays? With Address Book’s Birthday feature, you will never disappoint of your friends and family members again! To activate this feature, do the following:1. In the Address Book, select a […]

Enable Panoramic Option With Out Jailbreak

We have had a lot of people ask how to enable the panoramic option on IOS 5 with out jail breaking so we decided to publish a very simple list of instructions below […]

Use Trimit To Summarize Things For You

This sounds like a good concept, but how well does it actually work? If anything, you will be more impressed with the visuals of the application, but in terms of functionality; it is […]

Do more with your clipboard, with these apps!

Copy and Paste operations are essentials when using your MAC. And the way it is built you can use it fast and easily. But in order to bring more control or flexibility, you […]

The Best Guides For Mac

Do you know that you can boost Mac by acquiring apps? Cool applications for personalizing your Mac are now available at hand. And what’s more? They can be obtained for free! Yes, that […]