Uninstalling iTunes

Working with a Mac gets even more difficult when the most frequently used applications fail to cooperate, hang or freeze repeatedly. For many users, the solution remains a simple refreshening of the application […]

How to Stop Waiting For Activation

activate iphone

Once you have set up iMessage it should perfectly without a hitch. However for some users who have either bought a new device or updated their version of iOS, the service can encounter […]

Backup your Hard Drive with Time Machine

In the modern world of today, there are many technologies that are on the verge of rising at the moment. Many technologies have been invented. Upgrading of the gadget is the fashion trend […]

How to Back Up Your Device With iCloud

Whether you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod your iOs device will almost certainly contain important data, such as contacts, documents and applications. Unfortunately even the most finely tuned device can break and […]

Browse Command History in Terminal

In Terminal, you can view all commands you ever executed by using the Up and Down Arrow keys. You can also search the history by pressing the Control+R key combination. This will trigger […]

How to Get iOS 6

As the world gets ready for the official release of the iPhone 5 on Friday, Apple have already made iOS 6 available for download. While it will already be installed on the iPhone […]

How to Upgrade Mac’s System Software

System software is the soul of any computer system. MAC systems are no different with excellent system software, but with time, they do become obsolete and are replaced with the new ones. The […]

How To Fix OS X Mountain Lions WIFI Issues

So over the last 24 hours we have been getting contacted non stop about the Mountain Lion  WIFI / Internet issues people are facing once update their operating system. We have heard from multiple […]

Configuring your Mac Mail Client

To configure your Mac Mail client you’ll need to follow a sequence of easy steps and specify the following parameters:• Full Name. Your identifier seen by the recipient in the From field of […]

Auto-Delete Old Mac Mail Items

From time to time you have to trash old emails to free up your Mac’s disk space. You can empty Mac Mail’s Trash manually, but it’ll be more convenient to do this automatically. […]