How To Create Covers for iTunes

As we have got used to seeing an album cover for every song we play on iTunes, sometimes a song without a cover may not ‘look’ as attractive. While one can easily grab […]

Tips On How To Fix The iOS 7 Error Message

If you are looking for some tips on how to fix the iOS 7 Error messages that you may be getting when downloading the new OS, then follow our easy guide. Some of […]

Adding RSS Feeds to Mail

Mac OS’s Mail enables you to read not only emails but also RSS feeds. For example, to subscribe to the CNN US news, do the following:1. Go to the page.2. Click the […]

Recover Files with Time Machine

If you are a fan of Harrison Ford, you probably saw his movie Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones shares stories about a treasure hunter in search of lost items. His strategies are neat, right? […]

How to Fix Flash Problems on a Mac

Lately haven’t we all been witness to how Apple criticized Flash and its component for hampering a smooth graphic experience to Mac users? However, just a little scrubbing beneath the surface reveals a […]

Running Linux on Your Mac

If you want to try the latest graphic heavy Ubuntu Linux on your Intel based MAC without reformatting or erasing the partition, there a few things you need to check before you start. […]

The Guide On Reinstalling Mac OS X

While it is not as common but there are times when you might need to reinstall Mac OS X operating system. With many different ways to do that you might feel a little […]

Create a Custom Web Clip Widget

If you want some live video from YouTube or another site to constantly run on your Mac, but don’t want to keep your browser always open, then a Web Clip widget is exactly […]

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