How to Back Up Your Device With iCloud

Whether you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod your iOs device will almost certainly contain important data, such as contacts, documents and applications. Unfortunately even the most finely tuned device can break and […]

Browse Command History in Terminal

In Terminal, you can view all commands you ever executed by using the Up and Down Arrow keys. You can also search the history by pressing the Control+R key combination. This will trigger […]

How to Get iOS 6

As the world gets ready for the official release of the iPhone 5 on Friday, Apple have already made iOS 6 available for download. While it will already be installed on the iPhone […]

How to Upgrade Mac’s System Software

System software is the soul of any computer system. MAC systems are no different with excellent system software, but with time, they do become obsolete and are replaced with the new ones. The […]

Configuring your Mac Mail Client

To configure your Mac Mail client you’ll need to follow a sequence of easy steps and specify the following parameters:• Full Name. Your identifier seen by the recipient in the From field of […]

How to watch or Record TV on your iMAC

Technology has been immensely diversified in the recent years. A lot of products in this era have become a reality, which looked wonder at one time. The Apple Inc. is known for producing […]

Play Small Videos on Snow Leopard

Unfortunately, Snow Leopard’s Quick Time Player 10 cannot render videos with resolution lower than 478×359 to their native resolution. Instead, it adjusts them to the 478×359 resolution to fit the size of its […]

Customizing your Mac OS X

There are times when you want to change the way your MAC looks. It could be making graphical changes or playing around with the colours. However not many know that this can be […]

Background Windows Tricks

How to manipulate background windows without Activating Them While one may not be able to work with background windows as thoroughly as the ones at the front, the fact is background windows are […]

Remember Birthdays with a Birthday Calendar

Keep forgetting about birthdays? With Address Book’s Birthday feature, you will never disappoint of your friends and family members again! To activate this feature, do the following:1. In the Address Book, select a […]

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