Use Quick Look to Preview Files

Let’s say you want to find your childhood picture in a folder where lots of your photos are stored. It would be quite a tough task, just as looking for a needle in […]

Use Photo Booth to Create a Buddy Picture

Got a built-in iSight camera? Then take advantage of the Photo Booth app and create an instant photo of yourself that can be easily turned into a Buddy Picture for iChat. All you […]

Let your Mac Read Aloud to You

Did you know that in Mac OS you can not only read the text but also listen to it? It can come in very handy if you have to go through an important […]

How To get The Finder Autocomplete Folder Names

Imagine the pain of typing the entire name of nested folders and subfolders in the Finder only to find that the folders path you typed doesn’t exist. Not only the entire process of […]

Changing The Mac OS X Icons

Looking at the same graphics and icons can get boring at times. So if you want to change the way your Mac looks, here are the steps that will let you customize it. […]

Guide on How To Customize The Safari Window

Customizing Safari is limited to its four bars, three of whom are at the top and one at the bottom. While customizing these bars, you can hide them, arrange them or customize what […]

How to Use Dictation in OS X Mountain Lion

If you have difficulties typing or are simply too lazy and want someone else to do it for you, dictation tools provide an alternative method, relying on vocal recognition to automatically type as […]

How To Toggle between Hidden Files

While you may use Finder to locate even hidden files if you know the right path, this style of locating hidden files can be tedious especially when you have too many hidden files […]

Uninstalling iTunes

Working with a Mac gets even more difficult when the most frequently used applications fail to cooperate, hang or freeze repeatedly. For many users, the solution remains a simple refreshening of the application […]

How to Stop Waiting For Activation

activate iphone

Once you have set up iMessage it should perfectly without a hitch. However for some users who have either bought a new device or updated their version of iOS, the service can encounter […]

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