Empty Safaris Cache to Speed it Up

To load web pages faster, Safari saves their copies to cache – an area from where they can be easily loaded. However, cache files can take a lot of hard drive space and […]

How to Remove Spyware on Your Mac Computer

Spyware is one of the viruses that can infect your Mac computer. It is a software that can gather personal information of the user and can alter the configurations of the system without […]

Inverting Colors on Your Mac

Looking at the same colors can be boring. After all, when the entire world is moving towards customizability and more colors, you might want to change the way your Mac looks as well. […]

Transfer Bookmarks from Your Browser to iPhone

It’s possible to export Safari bookmarks not only from one browser to another, but also from one Apple device to another. This time we’ll talk about Mac and iPhone.1. Plug your iPhone into […]

Update Software Automatically

If you want to constantly enjoy new features of Mac OS software or have security concerns, then you can schedule automatic software updates by following these steps:1. From the Apple menu, select System […]

Dealing with High-Resolution Mac Monitors

High resolution means a large amount of pixels per square inch, which makes the text and icons smaller and therefore less visible. Changing the resolution won’t help, as it leads to lower image […]

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