How to Clean Your System for a Faster Unit

All people want with their computers is to have it working fast, without hitches. It is disturbing, and albeit irritating, to work with a Mac computer that has download problems. A computer with […]

Protect your External Hard Drive

If you use your external hard drive to store some confidential data, you may want to protect it from prying eyes of other people. One of the ways to protect your files is […]

Keep Track of Renamed Folders in Finder

When you create a new folder in Finder’s List View, it would be automatically named Untitled Folder and placed in the list in alphabetical order. But when you rename the folder and click […]

Copying Music from iPod

Everyone knows that to copy music from iPod, one needs iTunes to be installed. But what if something happens to your iTunes library and you won’t be able to sync your iPod with […]

Keep your Computer Secrets Safe with MacKeeper

Everybody has secrets, or so they say. It is of no difference in the computer world. Who does not have important files in their computers that are not for public consumption? If you […]

How to Get Rid of Spam!!!

Spam is the worst frustrating thing that badly gets on the nerves of the Mac user. It can get so awful for the users at times that they face serious troubles in the […]

Running Linux on Your Mac

If you want to try the latest graphic heavy Ubuntu Linux on your Intel based MAC without reformatting or erasing the partition, there a few things you need to check before you start. […]

The Guide On Reinstalling Mac OS X

While it is not as common but there are times when you might need to reinstall Mac OS X operating system. With many different ways to do that you might feel a little […]

Create a Custom Web Clip Widget

If you want some live video from YouTube or another site to constantly run on your Mac, but don’t want to keep your browser always open, then a Web Clip widget is exactly […]

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