Use Folder Action to Rename your Files

Some file names are automatically changed when arriving at your Mac. A good example is an email attachment – some mail clients add an .html extension to all attachment names, making the recipient […]

How to Back Up Your Device With iTunes

Whether you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod, chances are you have some very valuable things stored on their. It could be certain apps, your music library or more important things such as […]

Choose the Apps to Open Your Files With

When you download new apps, they often incorporate themselves into the Open with list of specific files, and are even set as default. But what if you don’t want to open your pictures […]

Using the Secure Empty Trash Function

Do you have a Mac operating system and still do not know some facts about it such as how to empty trash on Mac and how to permanently delete files Mac yet? If […]

How to Enable Guided Access On Your Device

While the iPad has proved itself time and time again that it provides an excellent platform for a vast multitude of professional applications, it has an accessibility that caters to all levels of […]

Using Important Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Sometimes it would be better to prefer keyboard to mouse, as it saves a lot of time. Here is the list of most common “time-savers” for Mac OS.• Command+O – open a window• […]

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