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How to Securely Erase Your Mac’s Hard Drive

Unlike many Windows machines, Apple computers hold their resale value for several years after being purchased. This makes them a valuable commodity for computer users who are thinking about upgrading to a new […]

Use SSH to Log In to an Account in Mac OS

To log in to an account via SSH, perform the following steps:1. Type this command into the Terminal: user@localhost: ssh USER@HOST_NAME –pPORT USER: Name of the user for which you are going to […]

Share iCal with your Family

If you have a lot of work-related tasks and want your family to be aware of them, you can share your calendar with them using either the MobileMe Internet service or a private […]

Adding RSS Feeds to Mail

Mac OS’s Mail enables you to read not only emails but also RSS feeds. For example, to subscribe to the CNN US news, do the following:1. Go to the page.2. Click the […]

How to Use the VIP Inbox

In addition to your regular inbox, the Mail app on your iOS device will also come with its own VIP inbox for all those people who mean more to you. Setting a contact […]

Enabling and Using Safari’s Web Inspector Tool

Web Inspector is used to review and debug the HTML and CSS code of web pages. To enable this tool in Safari, type the following command in Terminal:defaults write WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool trueOnce […]