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Issues related to all Mac gadgets, from printers to small accessories, as well as their operation and configuration.

6 Useful Mac Tips and Tricks


A Mac can do much more than the usual things that people do with their laptops every day. While these tips and tricks are out in the open for quite some time now, […]

Add a Printer to a Network

Network printer settings can be lost when upgrading to a newer version of Mac OS. The following steps will show you how to add a new printer to your network.1. Obtain your printer’s […]

How To Move AirPort between two Mac Minis

Imagine a situation where you got two Mac minis with almost similar configurations; however you need to transfer the wireless card from say Mac2 to Mac 1. What will you do: simply swap […]

Choose Power Adapters for your Mac Laptop

If you travel a lot with your MacBook, it would be wise to have a special cable adapter that will allow your Mac’s power plug to fit into any socket within a specific […]