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Articles about how to deal with possible Mac OS errors.

Speed up iPhoto

Performance of your iPhoto depends on various factors, such as age and power of your machine, available hard drive space, amount of RAM, size of your library etc. If you feel that your […]

Recovering Lost Contacts

Don’t we all love the way we can sync up our contacts details across our ‘iDevices': iPhone, iPpad or iPod using the MobileMe option?While this works spectacularly well on most days, things may […]

How to Fix Flash Problems on a Mac

Lately haven’t we all been witness to how Apple criticized Flash and its component for hampering a smooth graphic experience to Mac users? However, just a little scrubbing beneath the surface reveals a […]

Switch to Google Secure Search in LaunchBar

LaunchBar is a productivity utility that enables you to instantly access literally everything on your Mac. This “everything” includes Google search engine as well. However, it includes a standard search template. What if […]

How To Fix a Mac Pro Sleep Problem

Are you facing a sleep problem, for a change not with yourselves but your Mac? Then this article might help you find possible fixes and the reasons why your Mac is getting insomniac!But […]

How To Burn in OS X 10.6 Sans Errors

While there might not be much need for pondering over how to backup your data on Mac ever since Time Machine has come to the rescue of many, there are still people who […]