Backup your Hard Drive with Time Machine

In the modern world of today, there are many technologies that are on the verge of rising at the moment. Many technologies have been invented. Upgrading of the gadget is the fashion trend […]

Auto-Delete Old Mac Mail Items

From time to time you have to trash old emails to free up your Mac’s disk space. You can empty Mac Mail’s Trash manually, but it’ll be more convenient to do this automatically. […]

Manage E-Mail Attachments with Mac Mail

Messages with attachments can be rather large and take up a lot of mailbox space. Of course you can remove these e-mails, but what if you still need some information from them? One […]

Extract Sounds from Movies with Audio Hijack Pro

Let’s take a movie downloaded from YouTube as an example. To extract audio from it and add it to iTunes, you’ll need the following tools:– VLC Media Player (freeware)– Audio Hijack Pro (free […]

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