Recover Files with Time Machine

If you are a fan of Harrison Ford, you probably saw his movie Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones shares stories about a treasure hunter in search of lost items. His strategies are neat, right? […]

How to Watch Your Home TV on Your Mac

If you frequently spend time vegged out in front of the boob tube, you may be looking for additional viewing options for getting your TV fix. Purchasing a new television can be an […]

Security Measures for Dealing with Commercial E-mails

Currently Internet frauds are quite widespread. Probably you have already received some e-mails from different type of lotteries with congratulations to you as lucky winner who should pay few hundreds of dollars for […]

Antispyware for Mac

Cyber crimes are flourishing today due to the increasing number of perpetrators who are able to take advantage of weak computer defense systems. Although some assume that Mac computers do not open harmful […]

How To Run A Mac OS Computer

The Mac is not so commonly used as most people have gotten used to the ways that the windows use. The Mac snow leopard is though the most powerful OS, as has been […]

Turn your Photos into Custom Icons

Want to create a nice icon from a photo you’ve taken, or even from a photo of yourself? Then do the following:1. In iPhoto, select the pic you’d like to use as an […]

Get Word Definitions with Dictionary

Dictionary is a useful app that helps you get definitions of the words you don’t know. You don’t even need to copy and paste the unknown words in the Dictionary, as it offers […]

Useful Printing Tips for a Web-pages in Safari

If you would like to print some Web-content from your Safari browser, but want to make some changes in the way the web-page looks like (for example, delete some pictures and logos) or […]

Six iPhoto Editing Tricks You Cant Do Without

Tricks that let you edit pictures in iPhoto easily and fast: iPhoto, while aimed at the amateur photographers, is a powerful tool that can offer great amount of control to even the professionals. […]

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