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Trends In Apple

Trends In Apple

With Apple being one of the pioneers in technology and which continues to take technology to new sky rocketing heights is always in the limelight for some reason or the other. The biggest breakthrough that they made was with their ever-popular iPod which boasts of storing a thousand songs at one moment. Followed by iPod has been a series of products which have only out done each of their predecessors. With the year 2012 just round the corner holding new aspirations for Apple, let’s have a look at the predictions that were made for the year 2011 and how far have been true.

There is one again increased competition in the iPhone market with the release of the recent Verizon iPhone. iPhone popularity largely has had AT&T for support which itself ruled the market for quite a while and is also known for its unmatched relationship with Apple’s products. This relationship which has remained exclusive from the very start has made iPhone the most luxurious, and a gadget of the elite.

But whatever the background of the whole story be, AT&T together with Verizon are not far behind the competitive line with iPhone and a cost war is predicted to be break any time soon. The chances are such that both will offer better inducement for the iPhone which is said to bring down the price on a more competitive level. The places and the information might remain untouched and may be wholly dependent on what company’s decision to cut down on cost.

Mac computers have been able to sustain the market in their favor and continue to be an auspicious venture in the future too for its still progressing at a great pace. Though the high cost price has only reserved it for the selected few marking it as a lavish product but their durability and operation has kept in very much in demand in all these years.

Mac has been able to add diversity in the computer applications and operations for quite a time now and so it is foreseen to grow more in the following year too. People are also of the opinion that with software development meeting new boundaries, more and more people would be all too willing to switch it to Mac which will only benefit its users in the long run.

These developments in applications and programming have been more pronounced ever since the inception of the Mac App Store. More and more companies are delving in programming ventures for Macs where they are expected to make great profits in return.

The year 2010 saw Autodesk introducing their much acclaimed product that is the Autocad on Mac. This move alone raised new hope and many technicians instantly switched to Mac. Thus, this is what expected form many software developers in near future where the focus would solely lie on a switch from pc to Mac. The surge in this switch might also result in more of a shock to a market which is largely Windows oriented. Hence web based software in addition to more apps will all be a part of Mac very soon which is predicted to only add to the reason of more people wanting to have a look at Mac laptops.

Talking about Mac one cannot simply ignore MacBook. These computers have only established Mac on a more firm footing in the market of laptop computers. With the products being exceptional (along with the cost!) the regular version has so been largely overlooked. On the other hand up gradation of MacBook laptop has been coherently connected with OS X Lion. The experts have predicted the newer ones to be cheaper, lighter and smaller and above all more powerful than its precedent

Apple has largely ruled the cut-throat market and has competed consistently with the bigwigs of the laptop industry. But for them to get an even upper hand, they would have to tone down the prices to around $900 along with enhancements in their products.

Apple will continue to conquer new heights in pricing and that too, on a considerable upscale. In January alone the price was somewhere around $350 which has been forecasted to increase and reach up to, or may be beyond, $400 in the following year. But the price rating is highly dependent upon newer announcements and enhancement in Apple’s products.

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