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Transform your PS3 into a Apple TV Killer?

Transform your PS3 into a Apple TV Killer?

In today’s global recession keeping up to date with your home gadgetry can be a challenge. There are not too many households who can afford to run multiple media or games systems never mind keep them stocked with content.

Recently I discovered a brilliant little application that transforms my PS3 into the ultimate home entertainment system, from iPlayer, to Blu-Ray and from games to now my entire iTunes and iPhoto libraries EyeConnect opens up the real power of the trusty games console.

Elgato’s EyeConnect enables your UPnP AV digital media device (that is your PS3, Xbox etc to you and I) to stream EyeTV recordings, digital photos, music and movies from your Mac onto your TV or stereo.

Using EyeConnect in combination with your PS3/Xbox allows you to manage wired or wireless streaming of digital entertainment content effortlessly. Digital media files remain organised as originally stored in your Mac libraries so you can quickly find the file you want.

Getting Started

The good news is EyeConnect is a one time set up as it runs as service on your Mac and you will be literally watching your iTunes movies and TV Shows in minutes.

To sample the application there is a 30 day trial of the application available on the Elgato website. Download and double click to install the service.

If your PS3 is turned on your allow it access to your libraries on the main EyeConnect window. Now head over to your PS3 and using the Music and Movies menus you can access your media directly via the EyeConnect icon as if it was stored directly on the PS3 hard drive.


As well as being able to access your iTunes library if you run an EyeTV device on your Mac (read our review here) you can access your recorded programmes from the PS3. Again there is no set up EyeConnects sets everything up at install.

From the PS3 main interface you have full access to your library from currently recording through to your full list of previously recorded programmes.

Please forgive the screenshots as the images were captured directly from the TV using an iPhone.


I would say the only negative we have found with the PS3 service (so far) is there is less of a choice in terms of movie rentals and they tend to be a little bit more expensive on the PS3 store than iTunes. That said it when it comes to watching movies it seems silly to overlook the blu-ray player for rentals.


One of the biggest benefits of the PS3 for home media (after the blu-ray player) is the built in iPlayer service. No more sitting at your computer to catch up on the BBC TV programme you missed, the PS3 offers iPlayer programmes in full screen via the standard and easy to navigate iPlayer menu system.


It perhaps doesn’t have the stunning interface of the AppleTV system but the PS3 can certainly give it a run for its money. Blu-Ray, iPlayer, Gaming, internet browsing to name but a few services that make the PS3 a viable alternative to the AppleTV.

Remember EyeConnect isn’t restricted to just one device you can stream to a number of devices with each device having to be permitted access on the EyeConnect settings on the Mac.

I’d certainly love to hear your opinions on the ultimate home media device whether you are a Mac Mini and Plex fan (both links are our reviews) or if you think the AppleTV simply can’t be beaten, please post below.

For EyeConnect we give :

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