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Transform your iPhone with PhoneGrafer

Transform your iPhone with PhoneGrafer

When you take most of your photographs with a digital SLR it is easy to shun the iPhone as a viable camera solution for capturing great photos. Generally I used the camera on my iPhone for nothing more than grabbing photos of things I needed to remember, no family shots, no landscapes and definitely no macros. This week I grabbed PhoneGrafer from the iTunes store. The developers are giving it away free for Christmas (be quick) else it will cost you just $1.99.

Phonegraffer really transforms the iPhone camera offering a range of photo dimension conversions : 2048?1536*, 1600?1200, 800?600, 427?320 (*iPhone 3GS Only) and a stack of really nice automatic filters : B&W, B&W Extreme, Russian, Antique, Sepia, Cyano, ColorCast-C/M/Y.

This photo was taken with the iPhone 3GS with the extreme black and white filter.

Click here to see the full image. The filters can be easily adjust to your own taste and better still the changes are non destructive with the original image remaining inyour photo roll.  As well as the ability to view your camera roll, exif data etc you can also upload your image directly to Flickr.

I uploaded the iPhone photo to my flickr account and it was interesting to see people viewing it, favouriting and commenting before I declared it was an iPhone photo.

I asked a couple of photographer friends to have a look at the photo and offer some critique and neither spotted it had been taken on the phone although one did comment about the level of noise.

Taking a photo with PhoneGrafer not only offers x, y, and z visual spirit levels but also offers a self timer allowing you to prop your camera on a desk (or gorilla mobile (review)) and be in the photo yourself.

The application is really easy to use and featuring a well designed graphic dial interface for easily changing between image sizes and filters.

All I can say is if you own an iPhone even if you are reading this after the special Christmas offer at $1.99 this camera application is a definite must have. Get it while you can.

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