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Transfer Your Favorite Song to Your Favorite Ringtone with GarageBand(for free!)

Transfer Your Favorite Song to Your Favorite Ringtone with GarageBand(for free!)

If you want to turn your favorite song into your ringtone, it will take only a few minutes on GarageBand, and it is a piece of cake.

People like to customize their phones – with cool skins, wacky wallpapers, or awesome cases. Another way to do so is to assign a pleasant ringtone. But the problem is that ringtones don’t come for free and well, it hurts to pay for songs that you have already purchased.

To save some money, you can create your own ringtones, using GarageBand. The process of changing songs to ringtones takes almost 5 minutes, and you can create a lot of ringtones – no more spending $1.29 for a tone.

Alright, so let’s get started. Just think of a song that you would want to change into ringtone, and then go to GarageBand.

  1. Look at the sidebar and click on ‘iPhone Ringtone’
  2. Select New from file and save and name your project.
  3. Now drag and drop a song from your music library into your project canvas.
  4. There will be a piano symbol. Highlight it. Select Delete Track from Track menu.
  5. Click on Cycle Region given at the screen bottom. Now you will notice a yellow bar over your selected track. Your ringtone will be created from this yellow marked area.
  6. Drag the yellow bar to the length you want. You can keep the ringtone to 45 seconds, but 30 seconds is the best.
  7. After changing the yellow bar’s position and length to the desired part, you can click on Send Ringtone to iTunes from Share. You will notice the ringtone present in the Ringtones folder.
  8. Now to send the ringtone to your iPhone. Attach it to the computer and sync the ringtones.

All set and done! Now your favorite song is set as the ringtone, and you did not even have to pay for it. But all this will work only if you have DRM free music.

Do you have any creative way to make your own ringtones? Or do you buy the tones by paying money? Please send us your comments and tell us what you think about GarageBand.

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