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TotalApps 2009 Top Posts

TotalApps 2009 Top Posts

As the next decade swiftly heads our way I thought I would take a quick look at the top ten posts for 2009. TotalApps has really only be around since the summer so the list covers from September to 30th December. A massive thanks again to everyone who is following by RSS, Facebook or Twitter.

Who knows what 2010 will bring, a new Apple tablet ? a new iPhone ? one thing is for sure there is bound to be some new technological release that will appear to change or lives only to be discarded sixth months later for a new product.

  1. TV Catchup for iPhone
  2. Guitar Rig 4 Review
  3. Sal Soghoian Guest Post
  4. EyeTV App for iPhone
  5. Sharing Presets with Guitar Rig 4
  6. Top 5 Christmas Gifts
  7. Live TV for iPhone
  8. Top 5 Hardware Gifts
  9. Guitar Rig 4 and Garageband
  10. Reeder for iPhone Review

To be honest I view TotalApps as my most successful blog to date, each day over 1500 users find their way to the TotalApps pages and read the latest review or recommendation. I guess TotalApps gives me a justification to always have the latest kit, although I won’t  cover hardware or software I don’t actually believe in enough to own !!

Blatant Plug

Anyway, in 2009 I also started a little bit of a photoblog. It has to be the quietest website in the record of the internet so if you had room in your RSS reader for a new photofeed that won’t be heavy on content I would appreciate the follow. The site is if anyone out there commissions photographs I would be even more excited if you could pay a visit.

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