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Top Tips for Mac Data Security and Recovery

Top Tips for Mac Data Security and Recovery

Whether you are a Mac computer novice or veteran, you will find that losing data on the Mac is no fun. The Apple platform has little built-in Mac data recovery tools. This is why you will need to become familiar with 3rd-party software that can help you recover data files.

Signs of impending data loss are often tied in with signs of hard disk failure. While this is not a given, when you notice your computer slowing down and your maintenance tools have been run and are up to date, you might be heading for data loss.

Data loss can also occur while navigating the Internet. In particular, uploading or downloading files can have a pause or failure for a myriad of reasons such as server failure, ISP connection anomalies, and a file that is not properly formatted.

When you become aware that data from your Mac is lost, it is a good idea to have your hard disk checked for consistency and physical wear. The Mac data (and hard disk) recovery software you select should do this for you once you load the program. The program will report back the health of the hard drive and give you opportunity to recover lost data, provided the data has not been overwritten by your Mac hard disk. For any defects found on the Mac hard disk, the program marks (or advises you) the defective area and keeps files from being written.

There are many manufacturers of Mac data (and hard disk) recovery software. Finding one that works for you takes a bit of web research or research at a store. You will quickly come to know the ones that are most popular. You might want to search for comments and reviews about products you find online so that you can get a clearer picture of other user experience that lists the pros, the cons, and tips when using a particular product.

It is wise that you investigate data recovery software for your Mac before you need it to become familiar with the various manufacturers and tools on the market that would suit your Mac computer’s needs when data recovery is necessary. It is also a smart move to note any unusual message displayed to you by the Mac operating system or unusual disk activity and definitely respond to such by checking out data and hard drive recovery tools online or at your local supplier.

In case your hard disk cannot be accessed, data recovery software for the Mac is often bundled with both hard disk troubleshooting and recovery and file recovery software. If your hard disk is inoperable, running such software from a CD or DVD is the way to go.

Emergency boot-up software should be included with the Mac data recovery tools you select. A robust Mac data recovery toolset will be able to recover lost files and records from an inoperable hard disk and can help restore the master boot record to put your hard disk in a known boot state so that it can work if there are no physical damages to the disk from wear and tear.

About the Author

David Ritchie is an expert software development writer. His current area of specialism is Mac data recovery software.

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