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Top Ten Paid Apps For This Week

Top Ten Paid Apps For This Week

Wondering if you’re app choices reflect everyone else’s or just looking to find out what’s ‘hip’ this week? Well read on to find the top ten paid-for apps for the week ending 4 September 2011. This is a surprising mix of old and new with some regulars to the top ten being pushed aside for the new additions. Maybe we will see some of the new ones stick around.

1-     Jetpack Joyride by Halfbrick Studios, .99c

A fun new side scroller game, Jetpack Joyride sees the user control a character who is riding a jetpack. Ride through the labs full of evil scientists and collect coins, but be aware of laser nets and guided missiles! The game play is easy enough; press the screen to rise and release to fall, but when levels increase and the bad guys get more dastardly you will soon find out why this has been called the most addictive game of the seasons. Does it have what it takes to beat Angry Birds? We’ll find out.

2-     PostSecret by PostSecret LLC, $1.99

An app from the popular website, PostSecret allows people on the go to share their secrets with complete anonymity. Download the app and share a painful secret that you have been hiding without fear of retribution. If the past is anything to go by you will find support and comfort by using this app. You can also comment on other people’s secrets and view the archives.

3-     Angry Birds Seasons by Rovio, .99c

Set in China, this new addition to the Angry Birds family is having a lot of trouble online with many users claiming that the game keeps crashing. Is this the end of Rovio’s reign? Well despite the many negative comments the overwhelming amount is from happy people who just want more birds. Keep an eye on the comments section of this one to see what Rovio say about the crashes.

4-     DrawRace 2 by Chillingo, .99c

Chillingo have stepped up the game with DrawRace 2, released on the 1st of September. Better graphics, harder tracks, tricker corners, and more realistic physics makes this game a very interesting and actually quite hard game to play. Unlike other racing games where you control the car from the drivers point of view, DrawRace first gets you to draw the path that the car will be taking, complete with braking and acceleration points. With more corners, the game gets harder but fans will just keep coming back for more.

5-     SPY mouse by Electronic Arts, .99c

While some games made for the iPhone and iPod touch could be at home on any other console SPY mouse is a truly unique game that makes the most out of the touch screen element to these devices. In SPY mouse you control a mouse whose objective is to collect cheese without being caught by cats or traps. To make the mouse move you have to draw a line on the screen and the mouse will follow it. While the cartoon mouse and objects may seem childish, the levels increase in difficulty as the cats get faster and the cheese heavier, which means that your mouse cannot move as fast. Updated on the 30th of August this year, Electronic Arts have determined to make the game better by fixing bugs in previous versions.

It’s interesting to note that most of the top ten paid apps are games. The number eight spot goes to WhatsApp messenger which is an app that allows you to communicate for free with people no matter what smart phone they have. It uses Wi-Fi or 3G data to message people through a chat window.  You can send video and photos through to people all around the world without having those annoying large text rates.

Luminance is a great app that allows you to edit photos on your device. Play around with the brightness, the tones, and the colours to turn an ordinary photo into a work of art.

The rest of the top ten is rounded out with Fruit Ninja (Halfbrick Studios, .99c) at number six, Words with Friends (newtoy inc, 99c) number seven, WhatsApp messenger (WhatsApp Inc, .99c) at number eight, the original Angry Birds (Rovio, .99c) at number nine, and then Luminance (Subsplash, Inc, .99c) at number ten.

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