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Top Paid Apps In The Mac App Store

Top Paid Apps In The Mac App Store

The mac app store is the best way for people with macs to buy and download everything they need for their mac. Rather than having to go to a store to find the latest program or spend hours searching online for the software that will open an attachment, you can search quickly and easily on the app store for whatever you want. The app store also has a wide variety of games and books, so you never have to leave your computer for entertainment.

Every piece of software at the mac app store will be compatible with your mac so you don’t have to worry about reading the label to make sure that you’re not wasting your money on an app that won’t work. It’s also a lot cheaper to buy on the online store; not only is the cost of the item often less expensive at the mac app store than it is in the official Apple store or at an authorised reseller but you also don’t have to pay for gas or parking.

Another great thing about the mac app store is that it will help you to locate the app that will open or edit a particular file. If you don’t have the ability to do so the mac app store will find it for you.

The mac app store is a very impressive online store designed specifically for macs, and here are a few of the top paid apps in the store:

Always one to be ahead of the technology curve, Apple has made it easier for their users to upgrade their system with the mac app store. The newest operating system OS X Lion is available for instant download via the store so you can set it up and have it downloading while you grab a cup of coffee and come back to the best mac OS so far. Lion combines the things that people love about the mac mobile devices like the iPhone and the iPad with the new integration of the touch pad. For mac books, the touch pad is not just an alternative to a mouse but it can also be used like a touch screen, giving people the ability to easily change between apps with a swipe of their fingers. The new OS also allows for quick integration with a touch pad for an iMac so everyone can use one. There are also some other great features to Lion including full screen apps, air drop, and the resume function. You can also purchase Lion in store on a USB thumb drive if your internet connection is slow.

The next most popular paid app at the mac app store is iPhoto. Apple knows how much we love to share, and with iPhoto sharing your favourite or funniest photos is now a lot easier. Once you see it you can automatically upload it to your FaceBook account and/or e-mail it to a friend. The best part is, when someone comments on your photo from FaceBook the comment will be visible in iPhoto. This is also one of the apps that can be viewed in full screen so you can see every inch of your photo up close and personal.

The third entry to the list of the top paid apps from the mac app store is Pages. This is Apple’s version of a full text editor that allows you to create wonderful looking newsletters, broachers, and flyers. With a couple of extra plug-ins from the official Pages support site you can use MathType 6 and EndNote X4 to create professional documents like a thesis or a report. Pages also comes with 180 themes so you can get some extra help when creating your document.

The forth and last entry to this list is FaceTime for mac, the app that allows you to make free video calls to anyone else who has this app. You can contact someone who has it on their iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch as well as those who have it on their mac as well. This app can be viewed in full screen so it’s almost like you’re having a true face to face conversation with your friends or loved ones.

There are many more great apps in the app store, and a lot that are also free so you should log on and see what you’re missing out on.

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