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Top new apps in the Australian App store

Top new apps in the Australian App store

App creators are making it big with simple ideas turning out high profits. Here are some of the best new apps to hit the Australian version of the iTunes app store. Most of these are available worldwide but the prices will vary.

1-     DrawRace 2, AUD.99c

This is a great game that is a twist on the classic racing game. While most racing games will have you play the driver who is controlling the car and the speed. In this game you plot the path that the driver will take and control his speed. This is more challenging than it sounds because these courses are not just straight lines but a lot of curves in a lot of different driving conditions. One wrong turn at the beginning of the race will have implications throughout the entire thing. Many people find this game very addictive. In the later updates the game play has improved as well as the graphics, and some new cars have been added.

2-     Frogger Decades, AUD$1.99

A new version to the classic frogger game, but this one has better animation. Frogger gets a makeover with better graphics and prettier environments. The basic premise of the game is the same with the main goal is getting frogger safely to the other side of the street, but the cars and trucks get fast very soon. There are also side adventures and tasks such as collecting all of the flied before you make it to the other side or just dodging the cars until the timer runs out. Reviews are split with this game with some people loving it and others thinking that it gets too hard too quickly. At only $1.99 it’s cheap to download it and try it out.

3-   Jetpack Joyride, AUD.99c

Jetpack Joyride is a great new game that has already made it into the top charts despite only being released four days ago. In this game you are a character who has stolen a jetpack from evil scientists. A classic side-scroller, the aim is to get from one end of the room to the other while avoiding flying and stationary obstacles. The game is quite fun and challenging at the same time, and it will have you coming back for more. At only .99 you can see that this game has a big future ahead of it with a lot of spin offs and extra adventures just waiting to be told.

4-     Old MacDonald, AUD.99c

Finally an educational app makes it into the top app section. This is a great app for parents of young children, especially those with a hearing or learning disability and those who are slow to speech. Listening is the most important part of communication because you need to hear what other people say as well as hear what you yourself are saying. This game helps children to hone their hearing skills while learning to distinguish between important sounds and non-important sounds. This is a great app for parents of young children.

5-     Tiny Invaders, AUD.99c

This is a fun game that also helps to educate children on proper hygiene. In this game the user controls a group of microscopic organisms that want to take over America. The only way to do this is to shrink down and infect people. From placing the organisms into burgers to directing them away from the body’s natural defence mechanisms, the game has a lot of different and interesting levels. While it’s fun for all ages, children especially will get a kick out of the colour germs, and it will help them to understand the reason behind washing hands and brushing teeth.

These top new apps have a wide range of difficulty and uses. It’s also good to see a lot of educational apps taking over the app store with such programs as My Environment coming close to the top apps. This one tells people about the wide and wonderful range of Australian flora and fauna as well as sustainability tips. Other apps such as Words with Friends (a Scrabble™ type game that can be played all over the world) encourage players to use their brains as well as their touch screens.

Check out these new apps and see how many of them are available in your country.

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