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Top Jailbreak Tweaks For March 2013

Top Jailbreak Tweaks For 03ch 2013

After you have Jailbroke your device it is sometimes hard to find interesting and useful tweaks which will truly allow you to get the most out of your device. We have put together what we think will be the 5 must have Jailbreak tweaks for March 2013.

TypeStatus – Free

TypeStatus Jailbreak Tweak

This tweak is defiantly something Apple should take note off. TypeStatus is available on the BigBoss repository for free and will make an icon appear in your status bar when someone is replying on iMessage. The icon will appear no matter what app you have open or even if you are just on the home screen or have your device locked. If you have multiple iMessage conversations on going it will not tell which person is replying so you will have to go to go searching yourself

AssistantEnhancer – $1.99

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 16.58.58

Siri is still in official beta and most  people struggle to get the full potential out of it but hopefully with AssistantEnhancer  that will all change. The tweak will bring more features to Siri such as allowing you  to play Spotify music, search the App Store ,search Urban Dictionary, search Google Images and many more services. AssistantEnhance  is $1.99 from the BigBossRepo, you may run in to some flaws in the tweak but hopefully these will be fixed in features updates

CallBar – $3.99

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 17.13.04There is nothing more annoying when you are doing something important on your device and a phone call interrupts you by taking over you full display. CallBar changes that by delivering a notification style banner for incoming/outgoing calls. You can either choose to answer or decline through simple gestures. This tweak does not only work with phone calls but also works with FaceTime, Skype & Viber


If you find any more interesting / useful tweaks please let us know either via twitter (@MacReviews) or email us and they may just make an appearance in next months top tweaks.

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