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Top Free Apps In The Mac App Store

Top Free Apps In The Mac App Store

Here are the top five free apps that are now available in the mac app store. Be aware however that some of these apps are country specific and thus you might not be able to access them in other countries, or their price may be higher in another region. Also look carefully at the system requirements as some apps cannot run on older operating systems.

The top free app in the mac app store is UberStrike HD by Cmune. This game is currently on sale at the time of writing; down from US$9.99! If you find it for free then you should give it a go because you’re not losing anything, UberStrike HD is a first person shooter, which means that you see through the characters eyes (hence first person, like in a novel or story) and you control their actions. You can only see what they see so you have to be alert and constantly moving around. For this reason you definitely need to play with a mouse, and the game doesn’t yet support the Magic Trackpad, but it would be hard to play with one anyone.

In this game you can control your player as you battle it out over a series of missions or play in the player versus player free for all games. You can also upgrade your weapons easily and buy new outfits and gear (although you need a lot of money for that). This is a great game that does have a rating of 9+ so parents should consider this before letting their children download and play it.

Number two goes to Cloud from Linebreak, a revolutionary new way to share and store files. Built using the mac in mind, this app is easy to use and even comes with keyboard shortcuts to make sharing simpler. Sharing large files with people takes a lot of time and can actually cause confusion and stress if everyone is using something different. A large report or photograph can take a long time to pass through the e-mail system so you need an easy way to send a file to someone. That easy way is Cloud. Once you download it the Cloud icon will be up on the menu bar and ready for you. Simply drag and drop a file, a photo, a document, or even a folder on top of the Cloud icon and it will be in the box. A link will automatically be in your system so you can paste it into an e-mail, IM window, or safari browser. Note that you don’t have to do anything after you drop the item into the Cloud to get the link; it will already be there.

The number three spot goes to Xcode, the only Apple designed app on this list. This is the only way to create great apps for all mac devices, from iPhone apps to iPod touch games to a great mac app. You may need to brush up on some of your coding before you launch directly into this app, but they layout and interface are simple enough so that when you get your head around what you’re doing you can start plugging away. You can see the interface next to the code so you can see the changes as soon as you make them. If you want to create a fun game or a productivity tool you need Xcode.

Number four goes to Full Deck Solitaire by GRL Games. There are a lot of other solitaire games for macs, but this one takes the cake with the vast number of games and difficulty levels. As well as normal solitaire you can play FreeCell, Thieves of Egypt, and demon plus loads of others. You can use one of the pre set backgrounds including two moving backgrounds or use your own wallpaper so you can play over your own photographs. This game is fun for the whole family.

Last but not least is Twitter by Twitter Inc. Users of this ingenuous social networking site will love this app because it gives them the functionality of the website right onto your dashboard. Be notified of whenever you get a new tweet and you can even swap private messages with your followers. Never be out of the loop again with this great mac app.

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