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Top five free apps in the Apple Australia Store

Top five free apps in the Apple Australia Store

Everyone loves to get something for nothing, and that goes double for people who have spent a lot of money on buying an Apple product. More often than not iPhone’s and iPad’s are full of free apps that we all use to make it through our everyday lives. Whether they’re time wasters or helpers, we will now have a look at the top five free apps in the iTunes Australia store.

Number one is the Woolworths shopping application. This is a new one to the list and has retained a number one position for most its time at the store. This is an ingenious application from the Australian grocery store giant that is currently having a large fight with its main competitor, Coles. With this app you can browse the aisles of your nearest store and add items to your shopping list. Because every item has its aisle location you can cut your shopping time in half. The app also has recipe ideas and is linked to the customer’s rewards cards. For those who have the latest version of the iPhone that has the barcode scanner, you can scan the barcode of any item and it will add itself to your shopping list.

The second best seller this week is a movie tie-in game. Smurfs’ Grabber by Capcom is a fun game for bored people or children. Part skill tester and part whack-a-mole game, users take control of a Smurf arm and have a limited time to pick up everything on a list. The items selected are then used to create potions down the track. The longer you play the more levels you will encounter, and you are able to find lost items as well as bonus items. A fun game, but it’s ultimately not very testing. The age rating says 4+, but people over 12 won’t find this very fun for very long.

The third best selling app in the Australian iTunes store is a game called Zombie Highway. This app isn’t going to be free very long because it’s being given away as a part of a promotional deal. By the time you read this it might be back to full price. But if you catch it for free then download some zombie killing fun. Not for the feint hearted, this is actually a game of skill rather than just a gore fest. Sure, the aim is to kill as many zombies as possible before you die, but that requires the agility and speed to drive the car (by tilting the device) and shooting (tapping the screen). What may be easy in the early levels actually turns out to be a good reflexes test that may have you cussing with the fun of it. This app is rated for people aged 12 years and over, although some adults won’t find the humour very funny.

Line Birds comes in at number four at the best free app this week. This is an example of a game that is quite hard. If you want to test your brain but don’t want to see dead people then you should choose Line Birds over Zombie Highway. This game uses a simple premise but it gets harder over time. It’s a simple side scroller which means that the screen is constantly moving to the side and you cannot slow down. You control a bird and tap the screen to make it flap its wings and fly higher into special bird seed. But it’s not always this easy; there are planes and cliffs in the way that your bird will fly into if you don’t let go of the screen to make it loose altitude. Over time you can get a whole assortment of birds that have special abilities.

Think brick breaker and asteroids and you have the basic idea behind Anodia. This game takes the idea from brick breaker games, where you move a paddle to catch a ball while it flies across the screen and hits items, but it adds an extra level of difficulty when with items that you have to collect. This is a fun game that is challenging as well as relaxing. There are different types of game play so you can play for time or for items.

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