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Top 5 Uses of a Gorilla Mobile 3G/3GS

Top 5 Uses of a Gorilla Mobile 3G/3GS

A few months ago I reviewed the amazing Joby Gorillapod SLR that I now use literally full time for macro photography (a few examples). This week I have been playing with the Gorillmobile 3G/3GS based on the same principle but with the latest Apple iPhone 3G and 3Gs models in mind.

Phone cameras have gone from low quality away photos to being one of the most popular photo platforms used today. I used to think a camera phone was never going to be good enough to compete with the compact camera, I was wrong. This was certainly a naive few point when you consider the iPhone is not only the most popular camera phone on Flickr but actually one of the most popular cameras used to capture the 5000 photos that are added every minute. (See here).


Coming from a photo background my first mistake was to consider a tripod to mean only photography but as I used the Gorillamobile system I began to realise the true versatility of such a perfectly designed device.

If you haven’t come across the Joby range before and have even a tiny interest in photography then you have missed out on a real gem for your kit bag.

Although they are technically tripods in that they have 3 legs each leg is completely flexible meaning you can easily adjust your camera to pretty much any shooting angle.

Better still as the legs are flexible you can also wrap the tripod around items such as posts or even trees (see the photo of my Gorillapod wrapped carefully around a tree here).


What is the Gorillamobile ?

The Gorillamobile 3G/3GS follows the same design principal as the other Joby models but this one safely holds both the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS.

The package comes with a robust desktop tripod, the iPhone holder and 3 attachments, one attachment fits a standard compact camera and the other two can either be used to attach your iPhone to the car or other devices to the Gorillamobile.

There is no two ways about it the Gorillamobile 3G is brilliant, it is so good I decided to list the top  five ways I have used it this week :

1. Use it as an iPhone Camera Tripod


Probably the most obvious use of any camera tripod is to use it to take photos and if you own the 3Gs video. The photo shows just how stable the device is held on the tripod (Full sized photos are on flickr) yet the flexible legs allow it to be easily adjusted for any situation.

I think one of the most annoying aspects of camera phone photos (or video) is that the owner is rarely actually in the footage. With the Gorillamobile you can easily stand or attach the phone to a nearby item and set the iPhone to record unmanned.

2. Use it as an iPhone holder for watching video


I probably watch more video on my iPhone than I use it for photography or video. The Gorillamobile offers a brilliant tripod stand but also the ability to wrap the legs around objects meaning your watch video pretty much anywhere. This can be used for iPhone films, or watching your Elgato EyeTV system remotely.

The photo shows just how easy it is to watch live TV across the internet without having to prop your iPhone against other items.

One other situation where this comes in very handy is when travelling over long distances with kids.  This week I was able to attach the tripod around the car headrest to allow a film to be played to those travelling in the back seats. It worked really well but be warned video really takes its toll on the iPhone battery.

3. Use it as GPS Holder

Over the last few months I have been using the Navigon GPS system and have tried a number of ways of balancing my phone on the dashboard but more often than not the poor passenger  has had to hold the phone in my general direction.

Although the little attachments supplied with the Gorillamobile are designed for additional devices in mind I have used one of the self adhesive pads in my car to safely secure my iPhone to the dash. I do have to remember to take the iPhone holder with me but it offers a perfect solution to a very annoying problem.

4. Use it as a Compact Camera Tripod


Joby haven’t locked down the Gorillamobile 3Gs for just use with just one device. A tiny tripod adaptor head means it works well with most compact cameras. I attached a Canon Ixus camera and the tripod worked perfectly. The flexibility offered by the Gorillamobile makes it perfect for low light, long exposure or even timed release for the perfect group shot.

5. Use it as a tripod for just about anything small


Although designed for use with the iPhone the pack comes with two adhesive mounts. As I have used one in my car for the GPS holder I have another to attach to a separate device for which I might need a tripod such as small HD video camera or any other make of mobile camera phone !


I was going to add that you could use the Gorillamobile adaptor as a case but the phone perhaps protrudes just a little to far for a case to be included in the top 5.  The Gorillamobile has certainly challenged me to think beyond photography when it comes to tripods.

I could probably come up with another five uses without much thought but I guess the most obvious is the fact the Gorillamobile makes the perfect (and most useful) Birthday or Christmas gift for any iPhone 3G or 3Gs owner. At only ?34 in three words “I love it !”

Get it here (Amazon Link).

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