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Top 5 iOS Apps for March 2012

Top 5 Apps – March 2012

Hello and welcome to Top 5 Apps for March 2012 This month has seen some real shockers released into the world of apps and I believe that we have seen the App of the year released already. Im Will Jackson and this episode is brought to you by our good friends at audible

Number 5 is Camera +, Camera + has been around for quite a while now but I do not think it is talked about enough. It is one of the best image editors for iOS it is like the editing options instagram but offers 10 times better features. It is normally ?1.49 but is currently on sale for 69p .Pick it up now on the app store.

Number 4 is Paypal. Yes i just said Paypal. It is currently Apples App of the week and I believe that is well deserved. It looks like a totally different app compared to the last version. The new update includes a very simplistic , elegant and easy to use design and features and make your Paypal experiance on iOS so much better.

Number 3 is Clear ,WOW did this cause some excitement. Jordan Crosby From was so excited he stayed up until 2am to review the app. The app is one of the most simple to use and is totally buttonless. Clear is one of the best user experiances I have ever had on iOS and you can pick it up on the App store for 69p now!

Number 2 is Draw Something, Well if you have not heard about this well what have you been doing for the last 2 weeks. Basically Drawsomething is pictionary but a lot more addictive. There is a 69p version with a bigger veritity of words and colours then the free version. The app links in with Facebook so you can play with your friends

Number 1 is Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Space is the biggest and best addition to the Angry birds series we have seen yet. This is not an update and you will have to purchase this for 69p from the app store. The app takes in to consideration a lot of science but it does not take long to get used to. One thing that did annoy me is even though you have paid for the app they have still included ads for other angry birds games.

Thanks for watching this episode of Top 5 Apps I have been Will Jackson and Im of to play Angry Birds Space, You can find out more infomation at , dont forget to subscribe and we will see you next month.

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