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Top 5 IOS Apps for January 2012


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Top 5 Apps – January 2011

Hello and welcome to Top 5 Apps for January 2011 Im Will Jackson and this episode is brought to you by our good friends at audible

Number 5 is Temple Run , Temple run is available in the app store for Free and is basically a mixture of Sonic and Indiana Jones. The game uses the iphone’s touchscreen features for the controls as well as using the accelerometer. The users aim is dodge the obstacles and successfully navigate throughout the course. Pick it up now in the app store.

Number 4 is BBC iPlayer  , A lot of you have been waiting for this app for months and it did not disappoint, The new BBC iPlayer app gives you all the functionality of the website and also now allows you to watch full TV programmes over your 3G Connection. Also a new feature they added to the app is it now allows viewers to watch Live BBC Channels on there iPhone , iPod and iPad , Pick it up now in the app store.

Number 3 is AirDrive
, Airdrive is not for everyone and not for entertainment purposes , but Airdrive allows you to throw away your memory stick and portable harddrive and take advantage of your iDevice’s storage. Airdrive allows you to turn your iPhone or iPod in to a wireless network drive were you can store files and access them via entering a simple URL. These files can be accessed locally and also through the web.

Number 2 is Paper Toss 2 , paper toss is one of the classic games you used to play online at school, the update to the iOS app improves the game by massive amount and also adds some great in app purchases which really improve the game play. The game is still stupidly addictive and for me even in easy mode is still pretty hard

Number 1 is Action Movie ,the number one app of the month for January 2011 is action movie , Action movie allows you to get holiwood quality action movie footage from your iphone or iPod. No editing needed just simply take some footage of a location and friend and then let the app do the magic , You can pick it up for free in the app store

Thanks for watching this episode of Top 5 Apps I have been Will Jackson , You can find out more infomation at , dont forget to subscribe and we will see you next month.

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