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Top 5 IOS Apps for February 2012

Top 5 Apps – February 2012

Hello and welcome to Top 5 Apps for February 2012 Im Will Jackson This episode is brought to you by our good friends at audible

Number 5 is TVCatchUp, TVCatchUp is available in the app store for Free and allows you to watch over 20 live TV Channels. You have to create an account to access the live shows but it is all totally free and supported by Ads. The app can be used over 3G as well as WIFI and can some times be a few seconds behind depending on your connection speeds. Pick it up now on the app store.

Number 4 is Monster G.  “Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands” is a very simple game to play and even goes to the trouble of guiding you through out your first game. The main concept of the game is to move on from level to level and to get an acceptable score. The game kind of reminds me of Pokemon back in the day , that sounds like a valid reason to Pick it up now in the app store.

Number 3 is TapTap Mupetts  , TapTap Muppet’s is the perfect app for both Tap Tap fans and also Disney fans. The app is available for free and features some of the most popular Muppet’s songs. Tap-tap Muppet’s features all of the characters from the well known film. Pick it up now in the app store.

Number 2 is Snapseed, Snapseed is available on the app store for ?2.99 from my experience it is the mobile version of adobe light-room  It allows you to adjust specific spots of an image and you can control all the image adjustments with great precision  I can easily say that this is the best image editing app available on the app store today. This app will work great all side other apps such as Instagram.

Number 1 is jetpack joyride , jetpack joyride has slowly been climbing its way up the app store charts for a few weeks. This is a well developed app and the aim of the game is to travel the most amount of distance while collecting the most amount of coins.With the coins you can buy upgrades and other accessories . jetpack joyride is available for free on the app store.

Thanks for watching this episode of Top 5 Apps I have been Will Jackson , You can find out more information at , dont forget to subscribe and we will see you next month.

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