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Top 5 Apps To Buy on iTunes 11

Top 5 Apps To Check Out In iTunes 11

With the release of iTunes 11 from Apple today, we decided to take a look at our choice of top 5 apps you can download from the new service.

5. Ticketmaster – Free On iTunes 11

Apples new passbook has recently been integrated into this application and the iOS 6 update meant that paper tickets are now a thing of the past!

The Ticketmaster application is your gateway to concerts, live shows, sports events, theater shows and many more events and the app can help you connect to nearby events based on the music within your very own iTunes Library.

The passbook feature is supported for certain venues only, however with the integration of passbook is still a great reason to check this app out.


4. Spotify On iPhone – Free On iTunes 11 (Premium is $9.99/month)

The list of music tracks on Spotify is literally in the millions and includes all of the major record labels so you should not have trouble in finding the music you need and today it comes in at number 4 on our list.

Not only does it give you access to millions of tracks, it also makes the whole experience a social one, with users being able to see what their friends are listening to over Facebook and Twitter.

The iOS 6 version has better support for Facebook apps and the whole experience is a lot more smoother. You can also stream music to your desktop for free, however if you are looking to listen offline, or take advantage of all the apps, then you will need to pay the subscription listed above.


3. Jasmine, New YouTube AppFree On iTunes 11

This application has gone some way to replacing the YouTube app that Apple removed and one of the biggest things that it allows you to do is play YouTube audio in the background, letting users get on with other things.

The app is full of interesting features including a low light function, Apples new Airplay feature which allows for streaming audio and video to your living room and it also includes full playlist support.

Although you must be 17 years old to download this application, it is one of the great YouTube applications for the iPad and plays videos in 720p, features separate viewing of comments, lets you add videos to favorites and playlists, lets you subscribe to users channels and even lets you check out related video’s

This is defiantly a great app to check out if you are a heavy user of YouTube!


2. GiftlyFree On iTunes 11

Are you constantly forgetting birthdays? Even with Facebook’s constant reminders? Then you quite clearly need to get Giftly.

This clever little application lets you send gifts to your friends from drinks to records and even cupcakes, Giftly lets you choose when to send your friends so they know you have never forgotten them.

In this version of Giftly you can also make a Giftly or send a thank you note with a photo directly from your camera roll, how cool is that?!

You can set-up gifts to be delivered within the next year, so if your worried about forgetting that special someones birthday while away from home, you can schedule a Giftly to be delivered when you want.

Giftly is free in the app store today and you can get it from the link above.


1. Pano-perfect – Free On iTunes 11

Pano-Perfect is a new application that lets you take panoramic photos from your iPhone and upload them to the online application.

The app launched last month and was hailed by some online websites and blogs as the new “Panoramic Instagram” with users being able to upload their pictures to the server and then other users can like, comment and favorite them live, and instantly on the app.

The application features a popular tab that lists the most liked pictures from users around the world, and features a twitter like design and profile setup while holding onto the Instagram type of visual upload capability (the “take a photo and upload it directly to your online account”).

Uploading takes only a few minutes and once your pictures are online, they are displayed at a lower resolution, however you can still clearly see the clarity of the photos and if you turn your iPhone on its side, it greatly extends the size of the photo.

This application can also be used on iPad and most of the features are available on this device.

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