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Top 5 Apps For Your iDevice Device This Autumn

Top 5 Apps For Your iDevice This Autumn

The leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping and its time for us to take a look at the top 5 apps to keep you motivated as we head towards Christmas





1. Foliage Leaf Peepr – If your into gardening then this app will help you stay ontop of when your leaves will be changing color with the Foliage Leaf Peepr app from  Yankee Magazine.  Share photos from your neighborhood, check out the leaves from around the States, and help plan your fall foliage road trip based on the feedback.





2. Gas Buddy – With the temperature dropping its a certainty that you will be using your a car a lot more in Autumn and that’s where Gas Buddy is here to help.  Whatever car you drive, you’re going to need to fill up and this app uses your current location to find gas stations nearby.  It relies on other users to post the prices at those gas stations and tells you how long ago the price was last updated





3. Breeze – Breeze gives you simple window management on Mac OS X through a concept called “window states”.  When you save a window state, Breeze remembers the relative size and position of the focused window.  At any point, you can apply that state (size and position) like a template to any other focused window.  The app can be picked up for $7.99 in the app store.





4. Autumn Sequence – This excellent autumn themed game, “Autumn Sequence”, will help you to practice your intellectual facilities and concentration.  In the Practice game mode, there are three levels to choose from: Easy,

Normal and Hard. They vary in terms of the number of autumn things (3, 4 or 5) whose order of appearance the player must remember.  If you choose this game mode, you must remember the order in which the autumn things, shown later on the plates below, appear on the screen and once you become skilled, try something more difficult and go to the Challenge game mode.




5. Scotts Bird ID – If your a lover of birds, this application is defiantly one to put on your iPhone this autumn.  You can Identify birds by their calls, help track migrations, and post pics to your favorite social networks.  The app will how varied birds and their habitats are, and young children especially love the bird songs.

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