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Top 100 applications for your iPhone, iPad and iPod

Top 100 applications for your iPhone, iPad and iPod in 2013

If your looking for some inspiration in which applications that you download to your iDevice this year, then we have the top 100 applications that your going to need!

MacReviews is currently one of the best websites to track Apple news, and it is without doubt the best place to keep up to date on all aspects of applications with regular reviews and the Daily App Report which, although currently on hold due to personal issues, explorers some of the best applications on the market and on YouTube.

So here are our choices for the top 100 applications to have on your apple devices in 2013.

fb 1. Facebook – While not being the most interesting application on the planet, this app sure has its uses and is currently one of the most popular applications in the world today. Featuring everything from posting status updates to checking in at your favorite locations and letting your friends know what your up to. If your a high end user of Facebook then this app is not only a must have for your device but also a must have for your daily addiction!

22. Twitter – Much like, if not, as popular as Facebook’s application, the twitter application lets you read and write status updates and stalk your most favorite celebrities on twitter, giving it the second spot on our list of apps to own. The twitter app also lets you update your personal information and other profile related stuff. The twitter application is only a short step behind Facebook, with the latter having a much broader user-base. The app is currently free on the app store and also features a section where, if you can afford it, pay to promote services are available.

ins3. Instagram – If you like taking photos and sharing them with your friends then Instagram is your application, its also one of the most famous applications on the planet at the moment and allows you to not only take photos with your device, but add great effects to your photos and even allows you to turn them black and white before publishing them to either Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Your Own Instagram account and Flickr.

mb4. Mailbox – If you are one of these busy people, who has multiple e-mail addresses and would like all of your e-mails to appear in one place, then mailbox is for you, it lets you receive emails from many different accounts and the swipe ability allows you to either read later, archive, delete or save. The app is well designed and has a great little control panel allowing you to add multiple e-mail addresses from places like Google and Yahoo.

55. eBay – Another very popular and worldwide application coming in at number 5 is the eBay application. This applications lets you buy and sell items over the eBay site and manage your day to day business while you are out of the office and on the move. The application features most of the same features that you can access on the main site including listing items, bidding on stuff you want to buy and managing your account.

66. Sky-news For iPad – If your a business or website owner that relies on the latest news, fast and to the point, then the sky-news application for the iPad will deliver all the news you could ever need. It features a breaking news feature as well as allowing you to read extra articles and watch videos that are not available on the sky-news website. Its generally one of the more popular news apps to have on your device even though you require a sky subscription.

77. AccuWeather – Coming in at number 7 on our Top 100 applications list is an app that is great at weather forecasting. Accuweather gives you a detailed 5 day forecast for your location or any location based on its post or zip code. It can also tell you the wind speed and temperature in your location as well as reports on humidity, UV index, Dew Point, Visibility, pressure and Cloud Cover. Its a great weather application and the highest for its type on our list.

78. PayPal – If your using the eBay app which came at number 2 on our Top 100 Application list, then this is a second must have for you. The PayPal application allows you to manage all aspect of your buying and selling on the internet and directly from your eBay sales and purchases. Just like the PayPal website, you have access to your account details, the ability to move money back and forward from your bank account and the app features top security to put your mind at ease.

89. Dropbox – Dropbox is a fantastic application that lets you move large files between devices and desktop computers. The app eliminates the need to rely on e-mail and you can send unlimited file sizes between people by utilizing cloud storage. There is still a wait time but this is expected from large file transfer, however with Dropbox, it is simple and carefree.

910. Find Your iPhone – If, like me, you worked hard to get your iPhone or iPad, then you want to make sure its not only 100% protected, but also findable if by chance you loose it or its stolen. Find my iPad does this by not only locating your phone, but sending its location to an e-mail of your choice and the app can take a picture of the offending culprit or location that either has stolen your phone or where your phone may be sitting so that you can recover it.

1011. Skype – The voice communication application by Skype, allows you to talk to your friends for free over a WI-fi hotspot, or if your paying for cellular coverage, over 3G with your device. You can talk, send photos, and have live video conversations without having to be tied down to one location and it gives you the freedom
to talk to your friends anywhere.

1112. Bloomberg – While writing the top 100 applications article, I was keeping my eye on Apples share price, and to do this I was of course using the Bloomberg application to follow their share price live. The app lets you track various stocks and shares as well as delivering the daily market news from around the world and is currently one of the most popular applications on the app store. If you like stocks and shares then this application is our first choice for you, but there are more to come so keep on reading!

fn13. Fruit Ninja HD – If your looking for games in our top 100 applications, then you have stumbled upon a very addictive first choice. Fruit ninja HD allows you to destroy large amounts of fruit just by swiping your finger across the screen. You can get power ups and bonuses for reaching certain goals and earn an in game currency to spend on upgrading your sword. Be careful of the bombs however as hitting these to many times will mean game over for you.


mphgj14. Megapolis HD – That’s right folks, another game application, and this time it comes from the Facebook genre of addictive games. Megapolis HD is a Sim City style game, and features great graphics and in-depth game-play. The user can create a city with a choice of hundreds of buildings and complete huge projects to advance the area. The app does require some patience however and some buildings can take up to 24 hours to complete.


alarm15. My Alarm Clock – Ever wanted to make sure you get out of bed for that engagement or not be late for work. If you download this application you will never be late for work again as the app features not only the ability to set a loud alarm from a number of interesting ringtones. The app also includes weather information, sleep timer and even a flashlight for emergency’s.

wp16. WordPress – Web designers, including our own team, are fond users of this application, and use it to create websites around the world. The application lets you access all the same information and features mobile, as the main desktop version allows. This lets you basically publish articles and build your site while completely on the move, however it is recommended that you have a WI-fi application for this app.

bf17. Be-funky – This great application lets you edit photos taken with your devices camera. There are a number of different quirky and interesting effects that you can apply to your photos and the app lets you save these for future use.


gm18. Google Maps – With all the problems that apple had over its maps the last few months, Google’s maps have taken off quite rapidly. This program offers you the same as iOS maps and will get you to your destination quickly and easily with minimal effort in setting it up.


yt19. YouTube – Everyone knows YouTube, the application has been redesigned in recent weeks and the update brings pretty much the entire sites features to the app, all with the exception of uploading videos without a WI-fi. You can update your profile information, edit videos information, access account settings and even change your in-video programming settings.

4p20. 4 Pics 1 Word – This is a fun little application that gives you 4 pictures and a blanked out word. Your job is to solve the word by looking at the pictures which will all have the word in common. Its a simple idea that has made it one of the most downloaded apps, as well as the ability to ask your Facebook friends for help and thus getting more people into the application.

mc21. Mine-craft – Its one of the biggest games in history, played by millions world-wide, and now you can have Mine-craft on the go. The app features pretty much all of the same things as off-app game and users can build, create and fight as much as they please in full HD. This application has a WI-Fi recommendation.


jp22. Jurassic Park Builder – Have you ever wanted to create your own dinosaur or build the Dino’s park of your dreams? If the answer is yes, then Jurassic park builder is the application for you. The app features the ability to lay different types of buildings, breed Dino’s and deal with emergencies as you build up the ultimate tourist attraction. Then publish your scores online to see how you stand up to your friends.


ab23. Angry Birds – Angry Birds is a fun application the lets you “fire” fluffy birds at pig like creatures. The pigs are hidden in complex buildings that only certain birds can penetrate. If you kill all the pigs you move onto the next level in the chain, and so the game goes on. Very addictive, very quirky and one of the best games on the market today!


rightmove24. Right-move – The application that lets you move house. That’s right, If your currently in the process of moving house, like myself, then you will know that finding your new house is one of the most important things on the list. Rightmove’s app lets you do just that, listing properties with great detail in the pictures and all the information you need for finding the right house.


soundcloud25. Sound Cloud – Sound cloud is a popular music application that lets you upload snippets of music for others to listen to. You can also download free snippets of music from others.



bbc26. BBC iPlayer – The first of the TV program apps in our Top 100 applications list, BBC iPlayer lets you catch up on all the TV that you have missed over the last week and even some programs that have been on months ago.



amazon27. Amazon – If your shopping online but would much rather do it in the garden instead of the office, the amazon marketplace application lets you do just this. You can shop online with a secure WI-fi connection and see everything in your basket clearly and efficiently. The app is free and will make your amazon experience just as pleasant as if you were on the website.


tr228. Temple Run 2 – The first game featured running, and now, yes you guessed it, more running. Fun little application that gains you points the farther you run. Just avoid the cheeky obstacles along the way!



reuters29. Reuters – Looking for some great news coverage and the latest story’s to hit the web from around the world, grab the Reuters app and get everything in the world of news delivered right to your iDevice. Articles are presented clearly with video and picture and the app has market data included and business reports.


nature30. NatureTap – Nature-tap is an animal lovers, and wildlife followers paradise. The app has information on thousands of different species and engages the user to learn more about them. The app features beautiful images of the animals and a geographical map locates where they come from.


gocery31. Grocery List – With many people going out to the supermarket and forgetting that one all important thing, your life will now be saved with grocery list, the application that lets you sync your shopping lists with your iDevices. You will never forget that important item again and feel contempt with your trip to the supermarket.


as2432. AutoScout24 – This app is the largest online marketplace for cars across Europe and offers about 2 million vehicles with the ability to access the online marketplace from anywhere. The useful search-alert feature informs you as soon as a supplier uploads a car onto the market and this will make sure you never ever miss a bargain!


ibook33. iBooks – iBooks doesn’t have quite the same selection of books as Amazon’s Kindle service, but it’s made with the typical level of Apple polish, and is a pleasure to use. It’s also compatible with your own PDF and ePub files, so your reading material doesn’t have to come from Apple.


netf34. Netflix – The world of movies and TV Shows comes to your device. Netflix lets you stream the latest movies and TV shows directly from their servers over a WI-Fi or 3G connection. There is a monthly subscription however your first month is free.


skygo35. Sky Go – This is a number 1 download if you are a sky subscriber. It lets you watch up to 32 channels depending on your package and you can catch up with live episodes whenever you want.


ari36. Adobe Reader – You can use Adobe Reader to open PDF’s, mark up PDFs with a drawing tool, and add notes. You can use it to fill in PDF forms, and sign documents to email back (or print). Adobe Reader also supports opening password-protected PDFs and PDF portfolios.


zeebox37. Zeebox – This app takes the idea of the iPad as a second screen while watching TV to a new level. Zeebox wraps up information about the show you’re watching with social streams, it’s got information about viewer opinion and can even be used to control certain set-top boxes. It can even be something as mundane as a TV guide, if you’re so inclined.


cc38. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker – Keep track of how many calories you’re consuming each day with the Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker app’s huge database (over two million foods). Once you start seeing how much a chocolate bar will add to your daily total, you might think twice about it if you’re trying to lose weight. Even if you’re not, it can help you to keep a handle on how healthily you’re eating.


hoot39. Hootsuite – HootSuite allow users to create numerous social network streams and view them in a clean, friendly interface, dispatching messages to multiple networks simultaneously.



dd40. Dragon Dictation – Featuring very accurate voice transcription and the ability to share messages via e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter, Naunce’s dictation app is both fun to use and immensely helpful—as long as you’re connected to the Web.


expf41. Explore Flickr – The explore flicker app lets you find the best photographs on Flickr, including all of your friends photos. The app is available free on the App Store and has been rated one of the best applications for viewing photo’s.


you42. YouNow – A couple of months back, Blog TV was the in-thing for users chatting live to people over the Internet. These days however, it is a service called YouNow, a service which has become so popular for talking to friends and entertaining the masses, its even bought!! The app allows you to watch your favorite people on the service, as well as like, facebook friend, follow on twitter and link to a personal website. Users can be given points and a thumbs up and down system lets you vote people on or off the service.


learnist43. Learnist – The learning application is very much like Pintrest but it has an educational theme. You can create learning boards and with media and text from different sources, you can acquire all the information you need. The application is packed with information and its a fantastic way to learn about a specific subject.


mread44. Meter Readings – If you like to keep a check on your meter readings then is application is defiantly for you. It allows you to keep track of your household meters and it will give you an up-to-date usage patten over time. The app will give you an estimate of cost on the energy at you have used and may use in e future. The app can also be set to remind you to to take readings and lets you compare your household energy bills, how neat!! The app is currently ?1.99 in the App Store.


aap45. AA Parking – The AA parking application lets you find those parking spaces that y never knew existed. The application will even save you money on your parking tickets by finding not only the cheapest place to park, but also the cheapest place that’s closest to your required destinations.


ever46. Evernote – If your looking for organization and diary type applications in our top 100 applications list, then Evernote is a great choice for your device. The app lets you add anything to a note and you can go back and review it on any device you can log in to. Adding images of hand-written notes is easy with a scan and search feature and if you wish to use the full features off the app, it’s recommended you pick up the premium version.


fmf47. Find my Friends – If your out and about and need to find your friends or your looking for 1 person in particular then is app comes highly recommended. The app can be used to track children to make sure they have reached a specific destination or track friends to a specific point and the app will let you know when they arrive.



ge48. Google Earth – Whether your spying on North Korea or looking in your next door neighbors back garden, the Google earth application will give you the best possible view from high up above the surface of the earth. You can also see photos from around the world, and if you have access to the Internet, get access to Google street-map and have a 3D car view.


air vid49. Air Video – The air video application can play videos from just about anywhere, if you have a video that has a format issue with your device then is app will play that too. Air Video is able to trans-code the formats on the fly making fit a great addition to your app collection.


tmp50. Tube Map Pro – We are half way through the top 100 applications to have on your iDevice. If your looking to travel on the underground or are a frequent traveler then TMP is a great app that will keep you going in the right direction while underground in London. The app also provides live updates to the service and warns of any delays you may encounter on the journey home.


waze51. Waze Social GPS – Are you looking for a mapping service that does not drain your pockets like Tom Tom’s app? If yes, Waze is for you. The app features live traffic information, full route system and hazard / police information that’s supplied by the general app community.


eqpro52. Equalizer Pro – This app is fantastic for adding a little bit of extra jazz to your iPad sounds. If its tweaking a song your playing or editing a full dance mix, this app has everything you need to make your ears feel awesome.



gb53. Garage-band – The ultimate application for creating home produced music on your mac, iPad or iPhone. Apples music masterpiece lets you record music on your iPhone and iPad at exactly the same time. It’s defiantly worth picking is app up if you are a music enthusiast.


vimeo54. Vimeo – Like YouTube, Vimeo is a huge wealth of video archives and lets the user watch them one at a time. You can record onto it by using your iPhone camera and we guarantee that within 5 minutes of causing the app, you will have found something impressive.


MyWorkout-Icon55. Figure – Looking to loose weight or just watch what you eat over the coming summer period? Figure has all the information you will need on what to eat and what to avoid, keeping you looking good and feeling fit this summer. The app is backed up by pictures and diet information.


medscape56. Medscape – Medscape is an application that lets you find out about all aspects of health. It has everything from remedies to prescription medication details. Along with drug reference information, the app contains an Interaction checker, News, and CME education.


pulse57. Pulse – RSS has a reputation for being a rather dry technology, feeding you dull lists of headlines. Pulse flips RSS on its head, providing streams of feeds that grab your eye with photographs. It’s perhaps not for the hardcore RSS crowd, but if you follow a small number of feeds, it’s a great choice.


level58. iHandy Level Free One of the tools from the excellent iHandy Carpenter toolkit app, iHandy Level Free turns your iPhone into a spirit level. By default, it’ll show just how wonky your device’s accelerometer is, but tap the calibrate button and you get an accurate and great-looking level.


shazam59. Shazam Shazam is an app that feels like magic when you first use it. It’s deceptively simple—hold your iPhone near to a music source, and wait while the app listens and tells you what track is playing. But the sheer technology behind this simplicity is mind-boggling, and while Shazam doesn’t always guess right, it’s worth a download.


intuit60. Intuit Pay – From fishy business earlier on to… well, just business really. Intuit Pay is one of a number of apps aimed at independent retailers and merchants, offering them a way to accept card payments – with a Bluetooth chip & PIN card reader, obviously. It’s fully accredited for Visa, MasterCard and Maestro payments, and available in the UK.


nr61. National Rail Inquires If you live in the UK and are using the train to travel about the country then this is definatly one application that you should have installed.  The application lets you check train times, warns of updated timetables and delays and a feature that lets you track your trains destination so you know either exactly where you are, or when your train will arrive.

rl62. Red Laser If your looking for a decent bar-code scanner on your device then look no further than Red Laser.  This app will easily scan any bar-code, whether its square or not.  Its one of the best apps to check prices while shopping and can generally add information to your device without having to stand ages trying to scan it.

xe63. XE Currency App The world of currency is a daunting place, and this application makes it smooth sailing when it comes to checking what one currency compares to another.  You can configure a list of different currencies and it will show you the conversion rates into your own without any fuss!  Its one application that business people will not want to do without in the office!

app64. Apple Store If you have just been paid and your looking to spend some hard earned cash on a shiny new Apple device, then head over to the apple store on the, well, Apple Store App of course.  The app lets you browse through the store and choose from a range of shiny new apple products.


fr2465. Flight Radar 24 Your sat at home and hear a plane go over your house.  You think to yourself, “I wonder which sunny destination there all off to”.  Well, wonder know more as you can now check exactly which flight has gone over your house in real-time using a WI-fi connection.  The application lets you click on the flight in a radar type design and view all the details, including a picture of the plane, or one like it, AMAZING!


scyscan66. SkyScanner The SkyScanner website lets you enter details of your travel plans and find out the cheapest way to travel by air.  Now the application by the same company lets you check all this while on the move.  This application features a very cleverly designed API that is also appealing to the eyes.  Well worth a download if you are going overseas to visit friends or just getting away for the weekend.

soundcloud67. SoundCloud SoundCloud is becoming one of those indispensable online services, storing a huge range of songs and audio clips. Although this app is suitable for browsing and playing, you can also use it to record and upload your own sounds.


G68. Google Authenticator If you’ve turned on two-step verification on your Google account, chances are it’ll regularly ask for a code. You can get this sent to you via SMS, but it’s much less hassle to have Google Authenticate instead provide the numbers to type in.


espn69. ESPN Score CenterThe ESPN score center application is great for checking up on all the football scores for the last few days.  It can pull game data from baseball, basketball, American football, the sport the rest of the world calls football (soccer, in the U.S.), ice hockey, cricket, rugby, and more


agend70. Agenda Calendar -Agenda Calendar is a free app that brings your calendars to your pull-down notification area. The app integrates with Google Calendar so there is nothing to set up. I normally have the a Calendar widget stuck to my home screen, so I have yet to test out StatusAgenda, but it currently has an average rating of 4.4 in the Google Play Store.


overkill 271. Overkill 2 If you like guns then you are going to love overkill 2.  The game is fairly new and is a sequel that lets you modify 30 custom guns to your own specification and then lets you unleash them in the game world.  Overkill 2 looks like extreme fun to us and you should defiantly check it out in the app store.


call record72. Call Recording Pro This application lets you record exactly what is being said in a live call on your phone and then saves it in an mp3 format for you to listen to later.  It may be one of the first applications to actually work properly although there have been reports of the app failing on certain devices.


twilight73. Twilight Tracker The official app for The Twilight Saga movies. On sale now thanks to all of the amazing Twilight Saga fans!
Explore the worldwide phenomenon of The Twilight Saga by connecting with other fans on your iPhone or iPod Touch using the official “Twilight Tracker” App. Socialize with Twilighters around the globe and gain access to content for all movies from The Twilight Saga series.


minigolf74. Mini Golf Match-up – This social mini-golf game shot past 1m downloads in its first day of release. It sees you playing 70 holes over five courses, negotiating dinosaurs, pyramids and sharks along the way, while challenging Facebook friends and bragging on Twitter.


ninjajam75. Ninja Jam 4 This nifty music-remixing app comes from Ninja Tune, which has long been one of the more innovative music labels when it comes to digital. Ninja Jamm gets you remixing and jamming with samples from various Ninja Tune artists, from Coldcut to Mr Scruff, using touch, tilt and shaking controls to make music. The results can be shared on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Individual “Tunepacks” are sold in-app, most for 69p.


pocketvillage76. Pocket Village – Social games publisher Wooga has been making waves on Facebook for some time, but it’s also ambitious on mobile. Pocket Village is its latest game, and as the name implies, involves building a village full of “Pocketeers” characters. In-app purchases of diamonds and coins fuel the action.


piki77. Piki Licensing reasons mean we’re not seeing Piki outside the US for now, but it’s one to watch. It’s a music discovery app from one of the co-founders of – the avatar-based music site that made a splash in 2012, again in the US only. Promising “music powered by people, not algorithms”, it’s a way to follow friends, find new music and stream it for free.

spelltower78. SpellTower Like a frantic mix of Tetris and crosswords, SpellTower is an addictive word-finding app where you need to string together dictionary-friendly terms before more blocks fall down from the top of the screen making the task all that more difficult. Bluetooth multi-player support means your efforts to build words quicker will make life more difficult for your opponents.


c179. Condition ONE An exciting start-up technology, Condition ONE provides a range of interactive panoramic videos. You can control your wide-angle vantage point via the first-person controls, which allows for a remarkably immersible experience. The potential is limitless.


gtslate80. Google Translate With more than 30 languages supported and delivering impressively accurate results most of the time, the Google Translate app is one of the most remarkable programs you can load onto your iPhone. Most people probably won’t need it too often, except when traveling or studying a language, but it can be amazingly useful in unexpected circumstances.


wra81. WolframAlpha  WolframAlpha is like a math and science version of Wikipedia. It’s a great source of information for expert knowledge and computation about virtually anything, from basic algebra to the depths of the universe.


triptease82. Triptease – A lot of people with iPads are spending evenings on the sofa browsing for holidays, whether making definite plans or just wishfully thinking. Triptease is the latest iPad app hoping to provide a few ideas, bringing together travel reviews from experts and holidaymakers alike in a stylish touchscreen interface.


ytc83. YouTube Capture Released last year for iPhone, YouTube’s video-shooting’n’sharing app has now been made universal with a native iPad version. It makes it quick and easy to record videos, perform simple editing functions and then upload them to YouTube – as well as sharing the details to Google+, Facebook and Twitter.


le vamp84. Le Vamp There’s something special about Le Vamp, a characterful iOS game based around a young vampire running through the forest. Yes, endless running, you could say – with sunlight, water and enemies to avoid along the way. Intuitive swipe controls and some lovely creative touches make this a treat.


castle champions85. Castle Champions The latest intriguing splice of several game-play genres to hit the App Store, Castle Champions blends tower building with tower defense  as you train up an army inside your castle to repel a series of invaders. It’s freemium, so expect in-app purchases for virtual gold and crystals to hove into view while playing.


chordmaster86. ChordMaster This looks a really useful app for musicians, laying out chords and scales for guitar and other fretted instruments, searching its database or entering them on a virtual keyboard or guitar neck. It’s all very impressively presented, with uses for novice musicians and experienced players alike.


little digits87. Little Digits There are lots of counting and arithmetic apps on the App Store, but Little Digits is genius in its simplicity. The iPad can detect up to 10 touch inputs at a time, so this app tasks your child with placing the correct number of fingers on screen to match the numbers


zeebox88. Zeebox This app takes the idea of the iPad as a second screen while watching TV to a new level. Zeebox wraps up information about the show you’re watching with social streams, it’s got information about viewer opinion and can even be used to control certain set-top boxes


tta89. Toptable App – Sometimes, you don’t want to cook. It’s a good thing, then, that the world is packed with great places to eat.  The toptable for iPad app enables you to make bookings at thousands of restaurants right from your iPad, either by searching or just browsing a map to see what’s nearby. It also offers restaurant reviews and menus.


pvz90. Plants Vs Zombies – This most dope tower defense game has won countless awards since its iOS debut way back in 2010, distinguishing itself by way of a diverse playing experience that unusually combines gritty and cutesy elements. If you haven’t already started obliterating the undead across its 50 levels of game-play, fear not – you can now nab Plants vs Zombies for free.


cv291. Clear Vision 2 The original Clear Vision was the App Store’s number one sniper game and its successor looks well placed to replicate that feat. Released on 6 February, it features 25 missions and 10 different deadly weapons, but parents and squeamish types be warned: this is a strictly 17+ affair.


8ball92. 8 Ball Pool This online billiards game has a polished design with accurate and responsive game physics, and is easy to play even if you aren’t a pool player in real life.



bumb93. Bump For iPhone – A splendidly simple, well-executed concept, Bump lets you send files to other smartphones and PCs by physically bumping them together. Most of the app’s features are geared towards bumping two phones together to swap files


year walk94. Year Walk Year Walk is about as atmospheric as smartphone gaming gets. This wonderfully evocative first-person adventure sees you trampling through a Gothic woodland, attempting to solve puzzles and foresee the future on your “year walk”.



quora95. Quora Quora is a social network for questions and answers: post any query you like, and if people deem it interesting they’ll post responses, which other users then up or down-vote.



stow96. Stow – Packing for a trip? Need a safety check before you leave the house? Stow is a well thought out packing list app that’s designed to ensure you don’t arrive at the camp site and realize you’ve forgotten the tent



t+tr97. Tips & Tricks For those of you who want to optimize your iPhone experience, but don’t want to dig through various websites or forums — then Tips and Tricks for the iPhone is for you.



cpa98. CraigsPro+ CraigsPro+ gives you a leg up on the competition by letting you set up Search Agents that buzz your phone as soon as an item you’ve been searching for crops up. Combine it with a swift e-mail and that 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT will be yours.



onavo ext99. Onavo Extend If you struggle with your data plan and end up with overage charges every month, then you should check out Onavo’s apps. With Onavo Count you can keep tabs on how much data each of your apps is eating and with Onavo Extend you can compress your data and stretch your allowance out further.


wifi finder100. Wi-Fi Finder – It’s as simple as it sounds. This app will locate and display the free and pay required Wi-Fi hotspots nearest you and even filter by location, so you can determine if you’d rather use the Internet in a nearby library or Starbucks.


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