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Top 10 Features To Expect In The iPhone 5C

Top 10 Features To Expect In The iPhone 5C

With an expected release date for Apple’s rumored budget iPhone 5c getting closer, we take a look at the top 10 features it may include.

iphone-5c-colors-620x4051. Multiple Colors 

There have been several videos posted to different websites featuring cases for the iPhone 5C and it is now rumored that there could be as many as 6-8 different colors including White, Red, Yellow, Green and Blue but so far we have not seen anything with regards to a black device.



2. Front & Rear Camerascams

The iPhone 5C may feature the same type of camera as is currently fitted to the iPhone 5 and this will prove popular for those who are looking for a cheaper iPhone version but still want to take pictures on nights out and at home.  There are also rumors of a  1.2-megapixel front-facing Face-time camera.



elago-iphone-5C-case3.  New Screen Size

It is reported on at least 1 un-official YouTube video that the new low cost iPhone will have a 4 inch screen and could be a much similar design to the iPod Touch, and feature a 1136 x 640p resolution screen with a 326ppi image density.




4. Lightning Port

It is expected that apple will throw their new charging port on the bottom of the iPhone 5C and into the future this will be the permanent form of charging for all Apple devices.  There will be adapters available to charge from old cables if you have an older non-iPhone device.


5. New Button Design

The iPhone 5C is rumored to feature a new slimmer button design, similar to the buttons on the iPod Touch and the font on the back looks to have been changed.


iphone-5c-couleurs6. Plastic Design

One of the main features expected to be part of the new iPhone 5C, is the  introduction of a plastic case.  This will not only minimize cost for Apple and the consumer, it will also minimize the risk of breaks and scratches to the device if dropped.




7. Retina Display & Dual Core CPU

Much like Apple’s other iPhone’s, the iPhone 5C is expected to feature a retina display and the cost of the phone will not make a difference to this feature.  The cheaper phone will also feature a dual core processor, however it is still speculated that it may feature the same CPU as the iPhone 5.



ios7_icon_redesign_by_ida_swarczewskaja8. iOS 7

That’s right folks!  iOS 7 is expected to feature on the iPhone 5C and it will be very interesting to see how well it functions on a smaller device.  You will be able to swipe anywhere on the screen to unlock the device and have access to live wallpapers and access to the new control center.




9. 4G LTE and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity

This is a shady rumor, however if these features are in the budget iPhone, it may well be enough to lure some people into buying the product over some other companies cheaper phones such as Blackberry or Nokia.


10. Price and Official Nameiphone q

Its two very important questions on future iPhone 5C buyers and if your looking at price then expect the budget iPhone to come in somewhere around the ?350 mark.

With regards to names there have been a few possibilities floating about such as the iPhone 5 Lite, iPhone 5C and iPhone Mini.




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