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Top 10 Apps For Your iPad Mini

Top 10 App's For Your iPad Mini

So around 36 hours after the release of the iPad mini a lot of people will be getting used to finding their way around the device and now looking what apps to download. We have put together our top 10 apps for the iPad mini


  • Facebook (Free) – The Traditional Facebook App for iOS 6
  • Twitter (Free) – Tweet away to your hearts content in this iOS6 twitter app
  • Dropbox (Free) – Popular version of the desktop software allowing you to share files
  • Angry Birds (From 69p) – Classic Bird Firing Game with a hate for Pigs!
  • Infinity Blade II (?1.99) – Role-Playing Video Game for all devices including iPad Mini
  • Skype (Free) – Popular Messaging and Calling Service
  • iPhoto (?2.99) – iOS Photo Application
  • iMovie (?2.99) – iOS Movie Application
  •  Instagram (Free) – Photo Sharing Application with a Host of Tools for iPhone, iPod and iPad
  • Flipboard (Free) – Flipboard is a social Magazine Application for iPhone and iPad and iPad Mini
There are many other great apps out there for your iPad Mini, so please don’t just take these as your only 10, make sure you explore the vast content that is to be had within the App store.

This is just our thoughts if you have any suggestions to add to the top 10 apps for your iPad mini be sure to let us know in the comments.

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